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Published on Feb 20, 2020


The japanese manga Lupin III beginning in 1967 the magazine “Manga Action” and was an instant success, due to the innovation of stories and characters, so much so that in 1971 starts the transmission of the television series “The adventures of Lupin III”, followed in 1977 by the famous series “the red jacket”.

The television series followed in time by other works of great success, who have lost brilliance over the years and are popular even today, including Lupin III – The stone of wisdom, the first film of the series, and Lupin III – The castle of Cagliostro, the first film from director Hayao Miyazaki.

Forty years after the release of “The castle of Cagliostro”, from the 27th of February at the cinema (exactly a week from now and then) here's a new Lupin film, the first film in the series in computer graphics: Lupin III – The First.

And now let us see the five movies starring Lupin that you should definitely see:

This is a recent production (2014), which follows as seen in the excellent series dedicated to Fujiko Mine. The feature that immediately catches the eye is the stretch used, strongly reminiscent of that of the original author Monkey Punch, in the animated series has often been neglected or put aside. In addition, it was now that the character of Jigen had an anime dedicated to himself, and his relationship with Lupin, after you have been able to benefit from only some of the episodes of the TV series dedicated to his past.

The story is sufficiently adult, even if the limited duration of the film (fifty minutes, divided into two episodes) undermines the complexity and leaves some subplots a little neglected.

The positive side is that the technical sector is very good, which is good news for fans of Lupin, after the last few years enough mixed (just see The tactics of the Angels); a must-see, the chase scenes, which make good the commitment made by the director, Takashi Koike in the making.

Hope to see you soon in a small edition home video so you can appreciate the anime every time he desires.

Lupin and Jigen go to the wedding shinto Goemon with the young Murasaki Suminawa; needless to say, that from this will be born a lot of trouble that will involve also a Gun now retired to the monastic life.

The film was released in cinemas in 1987 and is directed by Masayuki Ōzeki, even if in reality it was conceived as the OVA and the distribution of copies in the cinema was quite limited on the part of the Toho.

The first film in the series to be set entirely in Japan, it is also a summation of the traditions and customs of the Country of the rising sun; but what is appreciated most is the chorus of the plot that manages to give space to Goemon and his bride, showing us a romantic side of Goemon that clashes with his duties as a samurai. Murasaki, in each case, is a strong woman, though still very young, and could be able to wait for the right moment.

But the film is not only introspection, the action scenes are not lacking, and some doppiogioco makes the plot even more engaging.

Despite a budget at the height of the other films in this ranking (no contribution to the soundtrack of Yujo Ohno, for example), surely one of the best movies of Lupin.

Lupin III – The castle of Cagliostro is rightly considered as one of the best (if not, by some, the best in traditional animation) animation film dedicated to the gentleman thief of Monkey Punch.

The film, in fact, was directed in 1979 by master Hayao Miyazaki. Not only that, but the film also marks the directorial debut of a feature film, after working as an animator for Toei Animation and TMS Entertainment; as you know, the master has directed fifteen episodes of The adventures of Lupin III and two episodes of the second series.

The film, which moves the setting of the adventures of the thief in Europe, seems to be to mix history and dream, with a plot that looks like that of a beautiful fairy tale.

What makes appreciable the film is above all, however, the depth of the characters, which, also thanks to the greater length of the film compared to a single episode of television, allows Miyazaki to deepen not only Lupin, but also his companions, giving an inspector a Gun all round, that has an active role in the story (contrary to the inspector, who we have often seen in the animated series), and Fujiko Mine is not so attached to the money...

For Italian fans, the film also has a further meaning: it was the most recent interpretation of Roberto Del Giudice in the role of Lupin.

Lupin III – The stone of wisdom, it was the first feature-length animation starring Lupin III. The film was released in japanese cinemas on December 16, 1978, and is directed by Soji Yoshikawa, in his debut as a director.

Soji Yoshikawa is likely to say little to most people but as a screenwriter he has curated several successful television series such as Votomos, Belle and Sébastien, Reideen, City Hunter, Cyborg 009, Conan the boy of the future, Daitarn 3, Zambot 3, Lupin III, Time Bokan. He also was the director of Rocky Joe and Lupin III; in short, a curriculum is exceptional.

The film is a classic example of how japanese animation has been disruptive in those years in respect of the products that we used to see in the West.

The characters, the atmosphere, the nude scenes and a plot that requires a certain amount of care to be followed are a perfect example of how an animated movie can be, in reality, aimed at a mature audience.

Also this film, like the previous Lupin, has had several editions in Italy.

Forty years after the release of “The castle of Cagliostro”, Lupin is reinvented in a new movie, “The First”, from the 27th of February at the cinema, which in effect brings some new features, but without changing the elements that made us love the thief of Monkey Punch.

The news that immediately jumps the eye is the use of CGI: the movie is in fact the first product with the protagonist Lupin to be implemented with this technique; but given the importance of the character, in addition to a budget that is very important, it is entrusted to the number one of the CGI in Japan, that Takashi Yamazaki that we have already been able to appreciate in movies such as Doraemon – The movie (animated movie of the year in Japan in 2015) and Dragon Quest in your story.

The master Monkey Punch, a great admirer of innovative techniques (as you may have noticed, seeing Cinderella Boy), had pushed for the creation of a film of Lupin with this technique, and finally the dream has come true with a production that has brought his most famous character to a new level of entertainment.

In this story, totally original, we make the acquaintance of a novella heroine, the enthusiastic Laetitia, launching a challenge to the dream that the founder Arsenio Lupin (I) failed to make, or putting your hands on the diary of Bresson, the only treasure carefully hidden that the famous grandfather Arsenio Lupin never managed to steal.

It is said that those who will clear the mystery gets its hands on a huge and dangerous treasure. Lupin, which aims to this goal, the legendary, he runs into Laetitia, a girl who loves to archaeology in order to solve the mystery. But Professor Lambert, a researcher of a secret organization that aims to journal of Bresson, and Geralt, a mysterious man who manoeuvre the organisation, hinder their plans...

From Japan to Brazil, the film will bring the characters to discover new sceneries and to see the breathtaking views, this time all made of a superb CGI, where Yamazaki seems to have poured all the experience accumulated in previous jobs, coming to bring japanese animation to a level never reached with this technique.

But the DNA of the characters do not change: we will see the same dynamics, such as those between Lupin and the Gun or between Lupin and Fujiko, that we have been able to entertain in all these years. And also the characters do not change: we will see Goemon to grips with the relationship with his sword, and Fujiko try to bend events to his favor; and Lupin try to conclude with his beloved...
This film, therefore, does not scontenterà the fan historians, but, on the contrary, will take them to see Lupin in a new dimension: the third.

The Italian edition of the film has confirmed the cast of the voice actors of the original series “Lupin III”, as happened in Japan.

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