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Published on Apr 05, 2020


One Piece, "My Hero", Academa, Black Clover, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba are definitely a few, among others, the achievements of vogue, the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and is now lost count of the copies sold, how many editions are available on a global scale.

The classics remain the classics, but it is right also to consider the authors that, although emerging, have talent in writing and drawing, but for lack of that little bit of success in Japan fail of the consequence to shine overseas.

In this special, therefore, we want to celebrate, promote, and, always humbly recommend to you the readers, and perhaps also to the Italian publishers in listening to 5 of the works of manga published for Shueisha who have not yet seen the light in Italy, but gradually you are building bones in Japan.

Nowadays, to thwart piracy, Shueisha has launched the MANGA Plus, its application streaming that allows you to read legally and free of charge, in English and Spanish language simulcast with the japanese release of many of the works of their license, therefore, it is much easier to access and enjoy the new material does not necessarily proveninete by artists of great fame.

In this special, therefore, we are here to advise you on 5 works not yet available in Italy, but that deserve attention.

Before leaving you to read, again, we note that most of the works examined are available for reading on the MANGA, Plus, we will have a link to the series and the proposed list does not affect the importance/beauty.

A good read!

The special is clear: recommend a manga series, not yet available in Italy, but why not start from a series that in reality are going to arrive here in our country?

Leaving aside the inconsistent, temporary, to which we apologize, you must know that training to read this work – Chainsaw Man – through MANGA Plus will lead you to want to support the release of the Italian yet with a date to be announced, but coming in 2020 with in the Manga.

Chainsaw Man, written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto, is a story impetuous, sanguine and fun that was missing from a bit’ of time between the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. The series began in 2018, and tells of the life of Denji, a poor young man; rather that boasts the presence of a dog demon equipped with a real chainsaw name Pochita. He is his only company.

A series of horrible events lead Pochita to become the last of the good, thus creating a true fusion of corporal between Denji and the dog demon. Very soon Denji will be transported into a setting more standardized and regular, but its origins, from the point of view purely social, make a protagonist a lot more complex, and realistic, compared to other heroes of the genre shonen.

We remind you that the work will be available in Italy under the label of " Planet Manga.

A plot from the MANGA, Plus, and link to the series:

“The life of a fatherless and in poverty of Denji change radically and for ever, once they had fused with his dog saw a domestic Pochita. He now lives in a large city and is officially a Devil Hunter and will have to work very hard learning to the best of his new work to take advantage of its you can by chainsaw!”

If you are in search of a story that combines espionage, and comedy, then Spy x Family, the manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo exclusively through the online magazine Shonen Jump+ (Shueisha), is the work for you.

Spy x Family tells a rich story full of characteristics of espionage to the James Bond with the protagonist Loid Forged.

The code name of the protagonist is Twilight and is forced to quickly find a wife and have a son in order to infiltrate a boarding school for the sake of peace in the world. The protagonist is lucky in both cases, since his daughter is revealed to be able to read the while, while the wife is an assassin determined.

The jokes in the baloon run quickly to the actions and the characters are intriguing.

A plot from the MANGA, Plus, and link to the series:

“Twilight, the professional spy, has made always of the missions board for hope for a better world. One day he is given a new and especially difficult to order that plan to temporarily create a family and start a new life?! It is a story of espionage, action and comedy of a family unique in its kind!”

Undead Unluck, written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka on "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), is one of the manga's most recent, namely the serialization began in January 2020, but is making its way into the magazine, finishing in the places to a single digit in the summaries.

The crazy premise, and the raw sense of humor are felt from the first chapter and the reader's attention is immediately captured.

The story tells the story of “Undead” Andy, a killer muscular and rude with the fixed want to end the life potentially immortal. On his way he meets his perfect partner – “Unluck” Fuuko – the body has the ability to bring deep misfortune, or death, to all the people that touch it.

Among the various moments of generosity and tenacity between the two will create a legal and their stories are gathering more and more as the cast will be revealed within the manga.

A plot from the MANGA, Plus, and link to the series:

“While a girl UNLUCKY prepares to face death, a UNDEAD who desperately wants to die is standing in front of. Violent, fierce, and completely naked! Appears on Shonen Jump, exhilarating hero!”

Up to now, we have seen works written and drawn by the authors talented, but notoriously not yet known.

In the penultimate point of the special, we want to make an exception to the rule and, in fact, promote and advise on the next step of Tite Kubo, the great author who has achieved fame and glory throughout the world by means of Bleach.

The “second” to a successful author is never easy, but the mangaka is back on track on Weekly Shonen Jump with " Burn The Witch, realizing a one-shot special compound with witches, dragons and London to the reverse, set in the universe of Bleach.

Burn The Witch was achieved in 2018 to celebrate 50 years of Weekly Shonen Jump, but it will become in the Summer of 2020, a new regular series of weekly, Tite Kubo, therefore, will be serialized on "Weekly Shonen Jump" and will soon be arriving in our Country, especially after the positive resonance that Bleach continues to cause among the collection of players.

Please note that the one-shot is not available at the moment on the MANGA Plus.

A plot:

“Burn The Witch revolves around Noel Niihashi and Nini Spangle who work as witches at the headquarters of Wing Bird the administrative agency Natural Dragon Reverse London. Those who live in Reverse London can see supernatural creatures like dragons. Noel and Nini are working to promote the co-existing of these creatures and humans, but sometimes they must perform dangerous missions to kill evil beings“.

We conclude the special counsel the manga that could not only grasp your attention, but also of Italian publishers, with a work that Italy has so much, so much so that it inspires conceptually and artistically.

The manga that we recommend in our last point is the Teenage Renaissance! David, written and illustrated by Yuushin Establishing between 2018 and 2019 on Weekly Shonen Jump.

The manga revolves around a classic romantic comedy of adolescence in which the protagonist David, studying in the higher institute of Lovure, falls madly in love with Venus, his classmate. In the course of his adventures, between the comic and the strong symbolism of hope and love, David must face his fears of the adolescent life to get to the beloved.

The story is heavily imbued with cultural references and conceptual art of the Italian renaissance and the Italian artists of the time. Suffice it to note that David is in the design virtually inspired by the true David by Michelangelo and the Venus, the beloved, the painting of “Birth of Venus” made by Botticelli.

There are inside the work, many other references to the artistic mold of Italian, while the amazing events of the adolescent take place.

Unfortunately the series was cancelled on Weekly Shonen Jump, reaching 4 volumes, although the author had promised to pass here in Italy once you have achieved success, but only for the context of the idealized and the screenplay plotted the work deserves to be at least examined.

A plot from the MANGA, Plus, and link to the series:




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