The 5 best animated series Netflix for adults

Published on Mar 01, 2018

Until a few years ago, we would have had to leave that the usual well-known shows as The Simpsons, family guy, Futurama, American Dad and similar contendessero the title of best animated series for adults

Maybe we also identified in the FOX of the greatest and most assiduous distributor of content intended for a mature audience and demanding, but, from the time when Netflix has made its appearance on the scene of the entertainment, the california-based company has soon conquered the public and critics because of its innovative approach in the provision of the animated series“”.

Saw the catalogue is more and more rich of these special show animated, from where you need to start to enjoy the best of the offer of the colossus of the stream?

What are the best animated series dedicated to a more mature audience?

Stay stuck there and do not look elsewhere, because we offer our personal selection of the best animated series Netflix for adults.

Co-created by Bill Burr and Michael Price, and distributed by Netflix, this series sees the same co-creator in the role of Frank Murphy, the irascible patriarch of a family of a traditionalist.

Set in the ’70s, the screenplay takes its cue from the famous comedies of the era of Norman Lear, mixing broad humor with a deeper vision of the society and of the divisions between generations.

We may define it as a comedy, the family recounts the various vicissitudes of the family, Murphy and all their problems at home, at school, at work and with the neighbors.

Even if it seems a script that has already been widely explored, F is for Family has a host of characters, well-constructed and a good balance of moving with the profane. Try it to believe it!

Big Mouth is one of the last experiments proposed by Netflix that focuses the viewer on one of the most delicate phases of life: adolescence.

From the creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, the series follows the adventures of four friends during the early stages of puberty.

Andrew is struggling with erection inconvenient; Nick, waiting for his first pubic hair; Jessi, committed to addressing the menstrual cycle and Jay, that he experienced the first sexual experiences, domestic conceiving of the ways of the rococo, to give an elegant definition, in the use of his pillow.

Big Mouth is perversely and deliberately obscene, because it lays bare the so-called experiences taboo that many have experienced in the adolescent stage.

The authors ' purpose is precisely to defuse, using humor, crass insults and crude to bring to light an issue often ignored.

Produced by FX and is available on Netflix Archer is an animated series fits all, chiariamolo from the outset.

The language and scenes are used may in fact disturb the minds of the most kind and accustomed to good manners.

Chock-full of references to pop culture and hilarious scenes, the Archer is a real caricature of the most famous secret agent who is familiar with James Bond.

What would happen if James Bond was a perfect imbecile? The answer lies in the protagonist of Archer, a superspia the (sometimes questionable) talent can not mask its many flaws: it is immature, misogynist, alcoholic, womanizer, selfish, narcissistic, obsessed with american pop culture.

Prefer to get drunk and go to women rather than to plan the missions and has a special bond to say the least, dysfunctional with the mother.

The cast of Archer is one of the best and the most anomalous we have seen so far in the history of TV series, with characters who have a particular psychological profiles, and that often the use of profanity, violence, sex, and who more has of it more puts of it), that's why it's a show not suitable for everyone.

Having said this, we do not recommend the vision to an audience easily impressionable that could swap the massive doses of cynicism and sarcasm, with a mountain of profanity, trash and vulgarity. Ah, no, that in fact there are already!

Bojack Horseman TV series that made Netflix, is one of the comedies animated the most underrated of recent times.

Bojack is a horse drunk and depressed, known across America for having starred in a sitcom of the ’90s called Horsin’ Around.

The story of BoJack is a roller coaster, very funny and deeply moving, full of insecurities, depression and a tendency to celebrate too.

In four seasons has become one of the most bizarre, sad and satirical animated series, which pulls in dance the world of Hollywood, touching on themes such as alcoholism, depression, and domestic abuse, all contextualized in a colorful world in which the talking animals coexist with humans.

Bojack Horseman is a series absolutely brilliant and deep, which however is not able to catalyze all the attention that it deserves.

Last, but not demerit (this is not a ranking but a selection), we propose the bold and the honor of his wedding show, which often is the protagonist of the pages of JustNerd.

Produced by Adult Swim and created by Justin Roger and Dan Harmon, this animated series for adults has been a huge success since its debut.

Rick and honor of his wedding presents one of the best scripts that are currently on television: the gag that transform into fierce criticism on religion, travel inter-dimensionally, which make us doubt of the meaning of life and of government, which is always disgusting, even in the imaginary world.

Praised by the critics, this TV series is presented as a product developed and complex, from the countless clever quotes and obvious references to movies like Back to the Future and Doctor Who.

What do you think of our selection? Can you suggest some other animated series for adults interesting that we missed? Please let us know with a comment below!

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