The 2019 football according to Google Trends


Published on Feb 16, 2020


So, like last year, we propose the ranking of searches done on Google in individual countries and at the global level for the key words. Waiting for the ranking, dedicated to the individual teams in the NFL and to the players, we propose the trend of the research in the course of the months of 2019 for the keyword “NFL”.

Let's start with the result in the United States, where 100 means that the NFL was among the words most searched for on Google.

After the playoffs is the nfl Draft in April that awakens the slumber of the fans and of the fans who then go into hibernation until the start of the regular season with the top which is reached in the first weeks of the playoffs. Don't be fooled by a dive in the week of the Super Bowl because, really, the name of the trophy replaces the NFL as a search word on the search engine.

We see the same chart for the uk.

The pattern is similar, the big difference is that the keyword NFL is among the most sought also during the week of the Super Bowl.

Staying in our country we can also show the map, divided by regions.

Compared to last year, the region of Trentino Alto Adige leaps to first place by overcoming the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Val D'aosta.

We see instead an image of where the keyword NFL is more sought-after the world (click to enlarge).

Of course, it's no surprise to see the United States in the first place, followed by Canada and Mexico. Italy? 17th place in the overall standings, with the last in Europe together with France. In the table you can see the complete standings, with the first country to 100 and the other with a number in proportion to the research carried out (in a few words, in Canada almost half compared to those made in the United States).

Search term is typically a seasonal, part to September, takes a break for a few days in December in the period of “rest” between the end of the regular season and the Bowl to return to the top in the time of the most important matches, the national finals included.

In Italy, paradoxically, in the off season for the keywords “NCAA Football” are the most sought after irispetto to the United States





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