The 14 italians at the exhibition of illustrators of Bologna 2020


Published on Feb 07, 2020


The Bologna Children's Book Fair is one of the events, not to mention the most important appointments in the world of children's literature. Within this event, which this year will take place from 30 march to 2 April, one of the most interesting is the Exhibition of illustrators.

"The Exhibition, which is an important international showcase in the days of the Fair of bologna and in the international tour of the months to follow, offers young beginners the concrete professional opportunities. Participants under the age of 35 each year are candidates for the International Prize for Illustration Bologna Children's Book Fair – Fundación SM, which offers the winner a major prize (15 thousand dollars), the publication of a book and the organisation of a personal Exhibition in the next edition".

10 years (the prize was established in 2009), this gallery shows the new trends and horizons within which the picture moves relate to children's literature, becoming a starting point of visual reflection is very interesting.

Last year he won an Italian (yay! hooray!), Sarah Mazzetti is an artist who has brought to the Exhibition, the plates of his work, which I had enjoyed and reviewed (here you will also find his interview): The jewelry of Elsa.

The Jury has been called "an artist can build bridges between fiction, graphic art and the graphic novel", and his work is expressed in the enthusiastic way:

"His works merge all of the expressive modes of visual narrative within a style that is authentic, organic, strong, brave, and translating the conografia of the 60s in contemporary illustration. A demonstration of smart thinking in the lines and in the form, with the combination of shapes in negative and positive inside of brilliant compositions.

The members of the Jury were immediately fascinated by the impact and potential of the artist's work, bold and sensitive at the same time".

And this year?

The artists selected are 76, among them, one can note a significant presence of the eastern world, with almost half of the artists chosen between Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

As every year we keep our fingers crossed for the italians, who were selected, 14! Beginning to report in and tell you about some of them, are you ready? Then we will deepen their knowledge next month!

1) Garlic Federica

Garlic Federica

2) Alcini Alessio

Alcini Alessio

3) Antinori Andrea that we already know!

Antinori, Andrea

4) Bardeggia Michael

Bardeggia Michael

5) Berton, Matteo

Berton, Matteo

6) Bittencourt Ducci André

Bittencourt Ducci André

7) Knight Elisa

Knight Elisa

8) Jordan, Philip also he illustrator and dear to us!

Jordan Philip

9) Giustozzi Francesco

Giustozzi Francesco

10) The Seller Marta

11) Mazzanti And Isabella

Mazzanti And Isabella

12) Mazzenga Naida

Mazzenga Naida

13) Parodi, Giulia

Parodi, Giulia

14) Sanna Francesca

Sanna Francesca


Article 14 the Italian exhibition of illustrators of Bologna 2020 seems to be the first on a low Shelf.




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