The 10 TV series in 2017, which we were surprised!

Published on Dec 22, 2017

The 2017 year was definitely full of new TV series. The wide range available, thanks to the various issuers has been able to offer each slice of the public with a vision that could satisfy your tastes. Sure, there have been bitter disappointments (those who have spoken of Defenders?) but, in my opinion, we enjoyed a year full of excellent productions!

We could therefore not offer our list of the TV series in 2017 that we were most surprised?

Before going into our selection of serial worthy to be seen and reviewed, is just a small. As always, our is a judgment of all the staff, never absolute, and that has the purpose of dealing with those who want to exchange their opinion. Then, sit back, and let us know what do you think of our selection of the most amazing of 2017.

To open the dances is one of the most anticipated productions of the Amazon PrimeVideo.

Inspired by the famous book of Neil Gaiman, the first season of American Gods has managed to surprise the most sceptical fans of the american writer. Story of the clash between the forgotten and new gods, the serial PrimeVideo able to reproduce the full charm of the original work. Spectacular performances by Ian McShane, Gillian Anderson, and Peter Stormare. Pity that this remarkable beginning is now wounded from the various events linked to the second season, but we hope that some of the gods, old or new, will intercede for you!

On Netflix has been offered a western wonderful!

Courageous work, Godless has the charm of the epic western classic, with the audacity to offer a different way to see the challenge of the frontier. A village of only women, defended by a sheriff, by now blind and little loved, must cope with the advance of a ferocious gang of bandits. Ruthless, full of unique characters, and above all with an unbelievable ending. Unfortunatly that is conceived of as a miniseries, so at the moment there are not many opportunities to see a result.

Willy-nilly, the return of the series, David Lynch has been the event and the more I testify of the year.

Symbol of the season of the serial the years ’90, the third season of Twin Peaks has been awaited for years by fans, which in 2017 they have obtained the reward for their wait. Lynch has led the Black Lodge and agent Dale Cooper (a fantastic Kyle McLaclan) in the new millennium, splitting the audience between those who worshipped and those who do not have particularly enjoyed. The fact is that Twin Peaks, for her style and her conception, deserves to be considered one of the most interesting of 2017

On Netflix is now a profiler.

The charm of the serial killer continues to make converts, and Mindhunter is one of the most passionate variations on the theme of the last few years. Let's go back to the ’70s, a period in which the profiling was still non-existent. The narrative tight, the characters dashed in a perfect way, and an interpretation convincing of the cast are the ingredients of a series of exciting and that kept the spectators in suspense until the last. The end is a real touch of class.

Netflix is the bang, with the series dedicated to the most controversial hero Marvel

Appeared for the first time, the inside of the second season of Daredevil, Frank Castle returns with a series dedicated to him. Violent, ruthless, and in line with the character, the more real the character, the series, Netflix has shown how the streaming service is still possible to find a serial set in the Marvel universe, after the disappointing evidence of the Defenders and Iron Fist.

Space the last frontier on Netflix.

After years of absence from the small screen, the series created by Gene Roddenberry is back. Despite the controversy on the new style of the next generation, or the choice of the historical setting, the serial starring Michael Burnham and the captain Lorca has shown some interesting choices, and come to the pause of half a season has been able to win a large group of aficionados at the trekkies more trustworthy. The wait now is to see if the resumption of the series in January, Star Trek Discovery deserves his place of the most interesting of 2017.

Spectacular series on Netflix that derides the docufiction

In a high school of the american province a shameful act of vandalism to the damage of the auto body teacher becomes the object of a hunt for the truth on the part of an aspiring filmmaker. Between journalistic investigation and a parody of the docu-fiction, American Vandal manages to make you smile, surprising often the viewer by masking with a laugh, the intent to move a critical reasoned in the american society. It will be interesting to see how it will be developed an eventual second season.

The series, which Netflix pulls out of the cylinder to be surprised.

I confess, I Glow, for me, is one of the most interesting of 2017, perhaps the best. The choice of facing the complicated and semi-unknown world of wrestling, the female in its infancy, has paid in full, thanks to a cast of fun and a tone politically incorrect, that combined with the perfect historical reconstruction of the period reganiano has given life to one of the most interesting novelty of the last years in the panorama of the serial

Amazon PrimeVideo you put in search of God!

Inspired by the famous comic by Garth Ennis, Dominic Cooper becomes a Jessie Custer, unusual shepherd who does not disdain contact with the demons, or to get out of your head the angels of paradise, while trying to bring it back to its place by none other than God himself! The tone is irreverent, vulgar, animated by characters such as Tulip, or the Face of the Ass, the Preacher comes with the first two seasons on the channel streaming branded Amazon. And now we are all waiting for the third season!

HBO brings us into the world of porn

The series definitely brave The Deuce, with James Franco in the state of grace. A journey without masks within the scene of porn underground of New York in the ’70s, with a careful look at the costumes licentious of the Time Square of the period, several years before the steel clamp of the moral of Giuliani. Magnificent historical reconstruction and a cast worthy of applause, Maggie Gillenhall amazing in the role of the prostitute, Candy.

Here is our selection of the most interesting series in 2017. We must recognize that in this vintage television was definitely full of promises, some kept, others have been transformed into deep disappointment. Fortunately for us, we still got to enjoy of serial high caliber, a fortune which we hope to have for the upcoming 2018!

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