The 10 phones most strange in the history

Published on Jul 22, 2016

The advent of smartphones has accustomed us to the fact that, in spite inside each operating system (and any change) can make a difference, aesthetically, our devices are now standard: a tablet of a size that is more or less contained, sometimes coloured and/or rounded, which has a touch screen and few physical button. Nothing more nothing less.

The current generation of teenagers will remember little or nothing, but... the most anzianotti, me first, know for sure that it was not always so, indeed.

A long time ago, but really so far, even the less informed they were able to distinguish a Nokia from a Motorola with only a glance, because each brand – and in many cases each device had the hallmarks of unique.

Some of the time too.

Yes, because if it is true that time is the appearance of a phone could make just the difference, it is true that some factory are out of the real creeps aesthetic (and sometimes functional) on sale of which no one – apart from the manufacturer, of course – would have bet a single euro.

Wrong, because some of these true monsters of the silicon have also had some success.

Without discuss other chat let's take a step back and look at it together “in the face” ten of these wacky items: I am sure that not tratterrete the laughter!

Of course, you are invited to let us know if you have owned at least one or if you know of other models of “special”!

Class of 1997, similar functionality to a StarTAC classic – a phone that has made the history of the phones with the “flip” – but a particularity that does not pass unnoticed: a shell which is very colorful and the producer has called “rainbow”.

Great for the Carnival parade in the costume of the Harlequin, and only because of that, after the Fat Tuesday would have been destined to end up in a drawer waiting for the next year.

But in the three years 1997-2000, there has been those who have appreciated. And those who bought!

This is also a device class of 1997, which already shows the”originality” of Sony in choosing the code: am I right or is there Xperia Z1 (with the variant “Compact”), always from the japanese manufacturer?

Humor aside, the Sony CMD Z1 was born with an intention precise: to allow the use of all the features of the phone with one hand without the risk of falls.

And, in fact, succeed: the microphone flip allowed to respond immediately to calls, and the wheel-capacitive (top left) allows to navigate between the menu items and select them while maintaining a firm grip. And you could also record a few seconds of voice notes.

The sin that, despite its noble aims, this phone was pretty ugly...

This T700 is definitely not a Galaxy Tab S (the original you Samsung, huh...) but a phone that comes in an era in which the “flip” is a lovely thing that in a consolidated way.

A feature phone from the features of modern (colour display, camera, polyphonic ringtones...) that was born with the precise intention to remember, in some way, the communicator of Star Trek.

Shame that the only thing which resembles, especially when viewed from above, is a porcelain cup in a well-known room...

The style of the leaf was a distinctive trait of the old phones signed Nokia and 7600 do not deny at all: weblog 2003, this feature phone had the specific intent to be sported with style and was devoted mostly to a female audience.

Unfortunately, “thanks” to the keys arranged on the sides of the display, although it was tiny (less than 9 cm long and less than 8) it was a pain.

I have owned this device, the aesthetic, personally I liked a lot... however, in a vision of the all objective, can't hide the fact that extract from the bag this sort of “drop” is too thick could make you laugh those that have a true aesthetic sense.

I, frankly, I don't.

The failure of Nokia branded 2003: the finns, which still could be defined at the time a “giant” of the telephony, they decided, unfortunately, to make available on the keyboard is the numerous typical features of the Symbian operating system and to combine functionality from phone to gaming.

The result? A clash between the feature phone and smartphone with a keyboard is uncomfortable, extremely heavy, function keys (literally) distributed to the left and right and an aesthetic opinion. And use strictly in the horizontal.

Nevertheless, at the beginning the Nokia N-Gage went practically flying off the shelves in the hope of being able to really do without a portable console (someone said... Gameboy?) and add it to a device that became more and more important. It is a shame that after the purchase, the disappointment was in most cases very much.

Uncomfortable and ugly, but ugly really is!

I don't exactly remember if it was 2004 or 2005, the fact is that when H3G led for the first time video calling in Italy was the “boom” of the so-called “videophones”, characteristic to have on board a front-facing camera.

This Samsung, however, dates back to 2003, the year in which the video call began to tick in the world, but in addition to the camera rotating (can be used anteriorly and posteriorly, and that we then found in many other models) the D700 had for that time a unique feature: its display could be put in different angles, some of which are really absurd.

Not to mention the strangeness of the aesthetic of the upper part of the flip...

This smartphone was created in 2005 by the joint efforts of Samsung and Bang & Olufsen, with the precise aim to be a class: a goal that in part has been centered, at least for the female audience, as this device, vaguely reminiscent of (perhaps even too much) one of the classic shaker that us girls we still in the purse.

The original idea of the direction keys and small capacitive and the numeric keypad, in a circular, which, however, he put in serious difficulties all those who loved to write in SMS, among other things, this wacky and original stylish phone had a price that was around a thousand euro.

But Samsung will always have to explain how he thought the users would have used the camera, placed strategically (maybe NOT to make her use) right on the hinge...

Two years after the D700, Samsung would have given birth to another videophone – the Z130: we are in 2005, and this phone is strictly with the antenna touches is “almost” the normal, if it were not for the display can rotate 90 degrees and reveal the existence of the much-coveted front-facing camera.

Perhaps the only intent of the display rotating was to protect the camera, because the rotation of the screen, it did not involve the rotation of what was shown: in practice, dialer, menu, message, games, and anything else that remained oriented in the vertical.

And then, Samsung, the question is: why?

In 2007, Motorola's “try” to launch the adoption of a technology that was slowly showing itself, but that would not have had the success hoped for: the flip rotating. Yes, because unlike his colleagues, the flip of the Motorola Aura does not hide the display, but only the keyboard, which could be revealed by moving it to the left.


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