The 10 mascots, and more cute and useful in the anime


Published on Apr 04, 2020


Adorable animals are often relegated to the role of moral support or comic relief, the mascots are funny characters with a characterization, in most cases, rather simple and straightforward.

Almost all of them have in common a very attractive design and recognizable, has been specially studied to win over the spectators, and to give a boost to the sales of the gadgets and merchandise in general.

Although their intervention should be almost always nothing more than a pleasant parenthesis to lighten the mood, in some cases it happens that their skills will prove crucial in critical situations. In this sense, I wanted to compile a list (in no particular order) of 10 of the mascot of the souls that are distinct at the level of the utility, saving the protagonists of the respective works of reference in difficult situations or otherwise helping them in a variety of ways.

Pak is an elf originally from Elfhelm, the paradisiacal homeland of the elves is located on the remote island of Skellig, a fundamental step in the journey of Guts and his companions.
It is the first ever to join (and become attached) to the black warrior, and several times saved his life thanks to dust-the healing generated by its wings, able to accelerate healing and act as a pain-reliever, almost instantaneous.
In the official guide of Berserk is described as “an elf " irresponsible, frivolous and lazy,” and with the passage of time its role has greatly changed, passing from the real supporting character to simple comic relief.

Happy is an exceed, a race of beings similar to cats that resides in Edolas, a parallel universe to the one inhabited by the characters of Fairy Tail.
This little blue cat is the best friend and inseparable companion of adventures of Natsu, the main protagonist of the series, and how he's part of the mages guild of Fairy Tail.
Thanks to the magic “Air” can get out a pair of white wings that allow him to fly and carry a person to the maximum when there is a need to move quickly.

Puck is a spirit, the artificial fire in the form of a cat who lives solely to protect Emilia, the female protagonist of the series, with whom he has a pact.
Subaru and Beatrice love to cuddle whenever the opportunity arises, and Subaru in particular has benefited from his healing abilities and his teachings of magic.
Is able to read the minds of people through their emotions and intentions, and according to the contract may occur only from nine in the morning until five in the evening, except in emergencies.
His true form is that of a giant feline, along the 20 metres, but given that it requires a frightening amount of mana to keep it up, it sucks to be anything around him, causing them to freeze and (in the case of living beings) of death.

Kirara is the faithful spirit-cat of Sango. Has pale fur, with black stripes on his two tails and at the ends of the legs. Can take two forms: that of a great and ferocious yōkai, with the ability to fly, and an adorable small kitten. Sango often uses the ability to fly to Kirara as a means of transport to keep pace with the rush of Inuyasha, often bringing with them even Kagome, Miroku, and Shippo.

Iggy is a dog, it is presumed Boston Terrier, who joins JoJo and the others to their arrival in Egypt, sent as a reinforcement from the foundation Speedwagon.
Initially it proves to be quite cowardly and selfish, thus avoiding the clash with the majority of the carriers of the Stand met during the trip, but in the final part of the series amply demonstrates his intelligence and his courage.
His stand The Fool, which symbolizes The Fool of the major Arcana, is composed entirely of sand and can change shape at will.

Hakuryu (the Jeep in the printed version) is a dragon white, which is none other than the reincarnation of Goujin, the King dragon of the marine kingdoms in the west. Is capable of being transformed in a jeep green and carry all four of the protagonists.
It is the faithful pet of Cho Hakkai and mainly responds to him (usually laying on his shoulder and he seems to be able to speak), even if on several occasions it also helps the other players on his own initiative. Is able to spit fire, which you can use to reinforce the barriers of ki Hakkai.

Gipple is a goblin and the spirit of the wind is not very powerful, wearing only a wearing fundoshi under the cloak, as you can see when it turns in the tent.
Almost always, during the battles, Gipple escapes, leaving Nike and Kokori alone to face the monsters. Very special is his behavior since just a sentence too mushy or emphatic to make it pop out and yell: “disgusting”.
Despite this, Gipple is very useful to Nike and Kokori which acts as a guide and provides information on the continents, cities and places.

Kon is the first soul changed that appears in the anime, a specimen claim that for error has been released in Rukia, ending finally in possession of Ichigo.
Plays a comic role in the series, coming often snubbed by the other characters because of his perverse nature. Is attracted to girls with large breasts, and when is a body often tries to look under their skirts.
It is usually a soft toy in the shape of a lion, of which he is very proud of. When Ichigo wears the clothes of a shinigami, Kon is instructed to take possession of his body and not to meet his family.

Timcanpy is a small golem-golden that accompanies Allen Walker, the protagonist of the series, after the latter has received from the General Cross Marian, his master.
Has the ability to record and then play back everything they see and hear, is able to perceive and to trace his owner wherever they are, and can regenerate any kind of wound.

Hawk is a little talking pig that travels with Meliodas, is a scavenger in his tavern, devouring every vestige left by the customers.
In addition to Meliodas, is very fond of Elizabeth, and is particularly agree with the Ban and Merlin, which equips it with an eye of the power of Balor, the ability to detect fighting ability of anyone to see. During his training he discovers that eating other creatures get their powers until they can digest.

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