The 10 important events in the history of the X-Men


Published on Mar 03, 2020


The Marvel changes are the order of the day. But sometimes change also means overturn. After all this is the peculiarity of a media such as comics, a great form of entertainment.

The characters move constantly, evolve and change. But in the end, what truly remains is the continuity. A stream of events that flows uninterrupted, that may become an obstacle for potential new readers. And this is the price to pay for the products in the genre, but Marvel as the other well-known publishing houses is meeting its readers.

If some use a simple “reset” of the adventures of their heroes, the Marvel universe has never adopted such a solution. On the other hand, the House of Ideas, he constantly creates new ideals starting points, that are able to effectively attract new readers. But this inevitably leads to the revitalization of the continuous of their heroes.

The X-Men have a history of its own, well-articulated and well-complex, which has undergone changes innumerable times throughout his publishing history. We are the freshest of the last relaunch, but what are the fundamental events that have marked the team of Charles Xavier? Let's find out together starting from the beginning!

It was in 1963 when the band released the first ever issue of the X-Men. A brand-new team of heroes that took the name of “superheroes in the most strange of all.” Charles Xavier founded the school for young men and women in Westchester to accommodate all those who have the mutant gene.

In this first period, Charles made up a team consisting of a young Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Man of Ice (Bobby Drake) and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl). The team will face the Magneto since the number of debut. The years pass and the adventures of the X-Men continue up to the exploration of the Island of the Planet. The original team will be caught by the island itself sentient, and only Cyclops manages to escape. The latter will save his comrades by driving a second team of mutants consisting of numerous heroes that they will become historical members of the team, including Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Banshee.

During this period the X-Men will face the first tragedies. On a mission in space will change irreversibly, Jean Grey, merging with the evil entity the cosmic Phoenix. The X-Men collide with the alien race the Shi ar, and learn of a future dominated by sentinels (days of future past).

Historically this period represents the classic era of the X-Men. As the stories and concepts discussed and presented in these years are fundamental, and hold up today, the world of the X-Men, constituting a solid basis that has inspired successive writers.

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Following the turbulent events experienced at the side of the X-Men, Magneto you give in and decide to pay for all the crimes committed. However, the process does not go as hoped for in the moment in which the villain will be attacked and Charles Xavier will be severely injured.

Now healed by the Shi ar, Magneto will be placed at the head of the school of Professor X, taking active part in the same cause of Charles for the coexistence between mutants and the human race. During this time Magneto will assume the role of leader of the New Mutants. Not being able to accept the situation, Cyclops leaves the team to form a his (X-Factor), leaving the X-Men in the hands of the Storm, at the time, momentarily deprived of its powers.

Bad luck does not abandon the mutants, and it is in this period that the Left emerges from the darkness planning a “massacre mutant.” The New Mutants will remain killed, then be brought back to life, but preserving the memories of the trauma. The storm will regain his powers, just in time to lead the X-Men, and deal with a demonic force: the Opponent. In the battle, Magneto will not help them in the slightest, and the heroes will be forced to sacrifice their lives to defeat the demon once and for all.

Recommended reading: The Amazing X-Men #17 (edizione Star Comics), The process of Magneto, the Massacre of the Mutant. X-Men: 1

Moved by the sacrifice of the X-Men, Rome, a powerful cosmic, is able to restore the team into life but only a cost. The heroes must never reveal to the world to be back in life, not notifying your friends and family. In doing so, the team headed by Storm she moved to Australia.

While those who have not taken part in the battle with the Adversary, including Kitty Pride and Nightcrawler, will form a new team: “Excalibur”. The X-Men, they now operate in secret, and clandestinely, that is, until the X-Factor, they discovered that they were alive. The battle between the two teams will destroy the X-Mansion and the X-Men will have to leave their base in Australia using the Seat Perilous, that they will separate and warp in different places in the world, erasing the memories of some or alterandoli physically.

In this period, the Island of the scarlet witch appears, it will prove to be the biggest threat of the kind of the mutant, giving anyone with the X gene to brain washing.

Recommended reading: The Amazing X-Men #30 (Edizione Star Comics)/the Uncanny X-Men 227. Panini Comics is re-releasing these stories in the series Marvel Complete The amazing X-Men.


Survived the scarlet witch appears, an invigorated Storm in the company of a new friend “Gambit” will be able to reform the X-Men, and uniting Xavier and the other members belonging to the X-Factor. In the end the team will form once again, becoming more and more numerous, allowing the X-Men to create two teams: the X-Men's Gold, led by Storm and the X-Men Blue Cyclops.

Typically, this is identified as a strange time in the history of the mutants. The team will be aware of the different alternative futures and the time traveler Cable. His evil clone, But it will give rise to an epidemic and before it can do the other victims, Colossus sacrifices himself to bring a cure. In these times the dark side of Charles Xavier, it will give rise to Onslaught, an evil creature that will kill the main heroes of the earth, even if only superficially.

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As part of a plan intelligently reworked by Grant Morrison to relaunch the X-Men. The world of mutants was re-launched in early 2000, after the turbulent events that had been the master in the publications in the 90's.

Thus was born a new generation of mutants, while the head took the name of the New X-Men. This last saw the heroes return to a more classic look, with all the members of the team, with the simple uniform. However, it is during this period that the world of mutants is upset even further. Cassandra Nova, the rediscovery of the twin evil of Xavier build a new generation of Sentinels that destroy the entire population of the mutant the scarlet witch appears.

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The next approach of the X-Men will include a departure from the previous stories, focusing mainly on terrorism, to once again focus on the classical issues of the group. In fact, in Astonishing X-Men and The Astonishing X-Men) Joss Wedon does return the X-Men to the classic group of heroes that was a time.

By doing so, the writer creates a team consisting of Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Emma Frost, and Kitty Pride. Convinced to still be a superhero, and as such, bearers of the good and of hope and not of fear and hatred. The plots change and focus more on the threats of humanity, leaving space for the dialogue between the characters, and to open relations with government agencies. The X-Men become important to mankind in this sense.

During this time, Wolverine will start working with the Avengers, the dividend part of his time between the Avengers and the X-Men. The team will establish additional alliances when help you some agents of S. W. O. R. D..

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In the events narrated in the aforementioned crossover, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) will be able to further amplify their powers to distort reality. Following a powerful emotional block, Wanda is going to rewrite the reality of the Marvel Universe with the mutants at the head of the new world.

After the X-Men and the Avengers will remember what was the world originally, the fight and the Scarlet witch will put things in place, but will eliminate in the process the X gene from millions of mutants around the world. On this day called M-Day, the Scarlet Witch will drastically reduce the population of the mutant to a maximum number of 200 individuals.

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