The 10 best thrillers set on trains


Published on Jan 30, 2018


And’ in cinemas from this weekend, The man on the train – The Commuter (here our review), the thriller/yellow with Liam Neeson in the role of a commuter who finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy larger than himself, locked at full speed on a train. Let's go review to the occasion, some genre films that run right on the tracks, not to forget the real tragedies that are unfortunately happening today, like the one recently in Pioltello and exceed dramatically the fiction. And you can think of others that you were impressed?

It will be because of that“The arrival of a train at the station of La Ciotat” to which the film owes basically everything, that the seventh art has always been fascinated by the medium it travels on the rails. The Lumière brothers knew how to scare the spectators (the first of the story), since we see projected on a screen in the station entrance of a train ride did hide some of the present under the seats for fear of being hit. The seventh art was climb on board without any intention to get off.

10. The girl on the train

The window of a train can become a tool for involuntary through which to live a life that is not our own, like what happens to Emily Blunt in this yellow psychological 2016, directed by Tate Taylor (in photo) and stretch from the bestseller Paula Hawkins. A journey that is a visual metaphor for the inner journey of the protagonist, through to the exterior of a happy couple beyond the glass.

9. The Train

Well before the advent of CGI and the company, in this film in 1964 based on The novel le front de l'art Rose Valland, the director John Frankenheimer had wanted to rebuild with real locomotives, the scene of a train accident. Talking about the theft by the nazis of some of the masterpieces of world art, with Burt Lancaster wrecking of the train. The train is a scenario beloved of some western over that action movie, like That train to Yuma with Christan Bale and Russell Crowe.

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