That time ago: all guests of Fabio Fazio on the 26th of April 2020 on Rai 2


Published on Apr 25, 2020


A new episode of That will air on the 26th of April 2020, as always, on Rai 2. An evening full of information, during which you will likely make the point on what could be the new phase for Italy, the famous stage 2. It is expected, among other things, in this end of the week even the intervention of president Conte who had announced a few days ago with a message on the social that by Sunday he would have communicated the decisions taken by the Government and the Task force for phase 2. If you happen, to comment on what is decided for the restart phase, in the studio of Rai 2 with Fabio Fazio, there will be: the President of the Chamber of Deputies Roberto Fico; and yet the Minister of agriculture, Food and Forestry Teresa Bellanova, the Minister of youth and Sport Vincent Spadafora. With the ministers and then you will make your point on the possible phase 2 of Italy between doubts and uncertainties with the fear that our country may suffer, as has happened elsewhere, a second wave that would be really dramatic.

The parade of guests does not end here, even Renzo Piano will be one of the guests in the next episode of That time ago. The architect and senator for life, a Pritzker prize in 1998, will be the guest of the program in the day in which it is hoisted in the share of the last span, the project of the new Bridge to Genoa. After the tragic collapse of August 14, 2018, Renzo Piano has designed the project of the new Bridge of Genoa, and he ceded free of charge, imagining the new bridge as well as a tape light illuminated by 43 sail of light in memory of 43 victims of the collapse.
Last June 28 was shot down on the east side of the Bridge Morandi, giving definitely the way to reconstruction. 1 October 2019 to 414 days from the fall is born the new viaduct on the Polcevera and installed the first deck between the batteries 5 and 6 to a height of 50 meters. The April 26, 2020 is hoisted in the share of the last span.

And then, of course, will be the subject of coronavirus, last week Fazio had promised to Luciana Littizzetto, who would take care also of the situation in Piedmont, and imagine that it will.

Guests tomorrow at What time does the virologist Roberto Burioni; Domenico Arcuri, the extraordinary commissioner of the Government for the emergency Coronavirus; the economist Carlo Cottarelli; Riccardo Dalla Favera, director of the Institute for Cancer Genetics Columbia University New York; Pier Luigi Lopalco, professor of General Hygiene and Applied at the University of Pisa and responsible for coordinating epidemiological surveillance of the Region of Puglia; Mauro Salizzoni, vice-president of the regional council of Piedmont; the journalist Sigfrido Ranucci; the trade-union leader Aboubakar Soumahoro, from years engaged in the struggle for the rights of farm workers.

And again: the Oscar winner Nicola Piovani with a special show; the comedian Enrico Brignano.

Continue the space with the upgrade from the world, with the director of Rai News Antonio Di Bella and the corresponding Rai Giammarco Safe from Madrid, Iman Sabbah from Paris, Marco Varvello from London, Claudio Pagliara from New York, Enzo Nucci from Nairobi. In link from Brazil Emiliano Guanella.

The appointment, and then to 21 with the new episode of che tempo che fa on Rai 2.

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