That stress Tom Holland! The actor between the anvil and the hammer


Published on Sep 09, 2019


Spidey is very jealous of his private life

The success of Spider-Man has allowed Tom Holland to become a celebrity worldwide, but now the actor has been shaken by two cases deflagrati in the last few weeks. The plaintiff seeks to keep the media to investigate his private life.

All the attention is given to her new flame, a mysterious blonde girl that the actor attends from the beginning of the summer. The actor of Spider-Man had previously been associated with his co-star Zendaya. But Tom is not to become the prey of the paparazzi who tries to avoid in every way.

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In the meantime, the continued uncertainty related to the divorce between Sony and Marvel Studios. “It was really a week is crazy. The news was a bit shocking... but we have made five great movies. And you guys, you made really special. I will continue to interpret Spidey.”, says the actor.

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Spider-Man is a fictional character created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko in 1962. Sony and Marvel have declared war for the rights and the gains of the gain. Tom Holland is very attached to his character that defines as his best friend.

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