That's why Kate and the Queen are not go immediately to agree


Published on Dec 18, 2019


The relationships between the members of the british royal family and raise has always been a great curiosity. In particular, many are wanting to know more about the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, when the latter became the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. Even if between the two women seems to flow good blood, some argue that their bond is born only a short time ago, for a reason very special.

Kate and William got engaged in 2001 and the current Duchess of Cambridge has met for the first time, the only Queen in 2008. It seems that initially Elizabeth was fond of Kate, as it had not a stable job. “The Queen had serious concerns and believed that Kate needed to have a job and an identity of its own before it was announced an engagement,” says Kate Tarrant, an expert of the Royal Family.

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Kate and William were married in 2011. According to Tarrant, the Duchess and the Queen took a long time to establish a close relationship and friendly, as they both very shy: “Both of these women are in reality rather shy, so it took time to get to this stage, but have a relationship much good now that both have made a small effort,” says the journalist.

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The Queen was very impressed by the fact that Kate put always in the first place the family, also involving Elizabeth in the lives of his three children. “I guess that spending Christmas at Sandringham (the country residence of the English Royal Family) with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren is something that Queen Elizabeth can't wait to do, ' said Tarrant, “So Kate and William are doing the right thing by putting at the first place the family”.

Even if they are not matches with the right foot, there is no doubt that today, Kate and the Queen will go perfectly agree. A source close to the Royal Family said: “The Queen is very pleased with the way Kate behaves, argues William and is wonderful with their children. Never tries to be the center of attention, the fact that His Majesty admires much of her.”

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