That's what the small pocket on jeans? The answer comes from Levi's

Published on Jan 29, 2016

The question is the following: what is the purpose of the fifth pocket, that tiny, in the right side of the jeans? The issue has exploded in the past few days in the net and the answer came: it was used to contain the watch, the condoms or the coins.

Here it is finally revealed one of the mysteries of the world of fashion, which had divided the consumers into two: those who saw the pocket useless, even annoying, and those who considered it a habit, the fashion of denim.

The answer to this puzzle fun has arrived with some experts in the clothing sector, and from the blog of Levi's. It was the american brand to introduce the pocket in 1873, twenty years after the foundation: it is a watch pocket, where at the end of the Nineteenth century, men of the prairie stow pocket watches, and maybe even some gold nugget. With the passing of the decades, the pocket has also had several other functions, such as the hosting of the condoms (in the advertising of the iconic model 501 in 1995 ), matches for smoking, the coins and the notes to copy during the task in class.


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