‘That fool’: horror of The Inheritance, Flavio Insinna remains of stone

Published on Nov 02, 2018

New gaffe sensational in the game show of the early evening on Rai Uno

The new edition of ‘The Heritage’, conducted by Flavio Insinna is characterized by competitors with enough details. In these two months of programming there have been numerous gaffes and blunders that have horrified the people of the web, but also the same conductor as the roman. Also last Monday there was a repetition of something that has created new controversy on social networks. Let's see what happened.

A few days ago in ‘The Inheritance’ a competitor made a figure of the savage in front of all the audience of Rai Uno. On a question of history, mrs. Stefania said a real castroneria. Flavio Insinna has made the following question:

“What people ruled the southern Mexico in the ‘500?”.

The directly concerned person has answered so:

“The cimbri”.

A response that has left thrilled the conductor of the capitol saw that it was a topic of secondary schools. But the bad figures in ‘The Legacy’ are not finished here. The previous day another competitor has pronounced something horrible. In detail, in Geography and named as the capital of Irpinia, Ancona instead of Avellino. Despite various blunders, the program of Rai Uno continues to win the race of the audience with the competitors ‘Free Fall’ led by Gerry Scotti.

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