That boom of plays for Sunday: Mara Venier queen of Sunday


Published on Nov 18, 2019


Listen to record for the episode of Sunday, 17 November 2019 which is not only the most of the season but give a new record to Rai 1. On average, close to 4 million spectators in the first part of the program is not recorded, perhaps from the special episodes dedicated to Sanremo, to not go too far back in the years, and to quote the Sunday, sponsored by The Arena di Massimo Giletti. Mara marks excellent record ratings with its Sunday. To some too trivial, too improvised, devoid of a plot. But this is Mara: a host that can accommodate it undermines its guests, which is not helped by the direction, too often distracted, but that he in his inimitable style, the real point of strength. Mara, who admits to not having read the book by Fabio Volo, but invites all to buy it the same because it is worth; Mara, which moves reviewed the images of a monologue of Panariello. Mara, who with tones subdued reminds us how much still needs to be done for his Venice and not only. In short, Mara Venier is all of this, she is his Sunday. And perhaps it is true that it is a program that is poorly written, poorly studied, which shows video often unnecessary with a collage of photos. Perhaps it is true that in the course of work have changed things, such as the presence of Orietta Berti always less active and as the mysterious disappearance of imitations.

Mara is all of this and the audience seems to appreciate it.

And now the numbers that crown the Mara as the Queen of Sunday.

So, let us see the data of the November 17, 2019.

On Bbc1 Sunday has entertained 3.728.000 viewers, equal to a market share of 20%, in the first part, and 3.250.000 viewers, equal to a market share of 19.8%, in the second part.

Very good then also the hitch for the program of Francesca Fialdini, From Us... To Free Wheel which has garnered an average audience of 2.578.000 spectators equal to 14.5%.

A success that's truly unique for Mara Venier that in this, its second edition from the hostess of the Sunday is even better.

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