That and Which Show: the revolt on the web Tavassi

Published on Oct 13, 2018

The talent show of Rai Uno

As from this year, the Friday is the day of great variety with the program by Carlo Conti. After the episode of 12 October, there was a real revolt on the web. Despite the victory of Antonio Mezzancella that has interpreted and imitated Eros Ramazzotti, the public has shown to the dismay and amazement in seeing how the judges have penalized the competitor Gwendolyn Tavassi.

This last, after you have interpreted and imitated Loredana Bertè in his latest summer hit, it found at the last position from the ranking of the jurors. Fortunately, however, the other companions of adventure, with the famous 5 bonus points, have awarded the former gieffina.

The uprising of the web after the last episode of This show, has highlighted how the public at home have not forgotten one of the biggest winners, the moral of Big Brother, Guendalina Tavassi.

The mother of the roman, in this new experience of Raiuno, it is put into play between performances of difficult and also exciting design. On social networks, in spite of the votes of the last few weeks have showed how there seems to be a sort of insistence on the part of the jurors. Despite this, Guenda is determined and the next time will have to engage in the imitation of the talented Bianca Atzei, definitely, and with excellent results.

The program by Carlo Conti, after the most recent uprising of the web, proves once again to be the program's most-watched Friday evening for almost 10 years. The protagonists of this latest edition have been shown to be subjected to a real artistic growth. Definitely for all the skeptics vis-à-vis competitors that emerge from the reality show, should change his mind.

Recent performances of Guendalina Tavassi that turns out to be one of the favorites from the public by the house, demonstrating his great determination. Busted another taboo, the next round of the talent show of Rai 1 is for Friday, October 19.

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