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Published on Mar 04, 2018


Jeff Lemire is one of the authors the most versatile and anti-conventional in activities in the field of comics in the united states. Beyond the undoubted ability of writing and inventiveness, his greatest advantage is the versatility. It is, in fact, capable of conceiving stories, setting the indies, but also to tell stories of fantasy and horror, supereroiche and science fiction, always with a personal point of view and peculiar. The science fiction, in fact, is the fundamental element of Thanos, the regular series dedicated to one of the bad guys the most disturbing and charismatic Marvel.

Created by Jim on This, the terrible Thanos is a being that is evil and nihilistic in love with death and, as you well know, the Marvel fan, over the years has been the protagonist of memorable stories, and he deserves to be counted as one of the most intriguing character of the side, the cosmic the House of Ideas. Jeff Lemire does not at all regret This, but it takes possession of the character by placing it in a narrative context, dark and gloomy, rather Vertigo in conception.

The author is influenced by the space opera and particularly by the authors of the new wave sci-fi English, and outlines a plot full of tension and pathos, almost shakespearean. In fact, the influence of the tragedies to Shakespeare is present, whereas Lemire focuses on problematic family relationships, as a work of the Bard of Avon, in fact, or a drama of murderous Seneca. On one hand we have Thanos, on the other, the son, Thane, who, seduced by the treacherous Lady Death, decided to kill the father.

To this end, she forms an alliance with his uncle Eros, aka Starfox, and with the step-daughter of Thanos, the ruthless Nebula. The occasion is propitious because of the dreaded titan is dying. The special feature of the series signed by Lemire is this: it presents us with one of the beings the most terrifying of the galaxy in a state of vulnerability. Thanos is always able to fight, as you will see by reading the volume, but it progressively weakens, the victim of a kind of cancer of the divine. His vulnerability is, however, more psychological than physical, and this is described by Lemire with incisiveness.

The author plays with the vast pantheon of cosmic Marvel, and it seems that the father of Thanos, Mentor (and also in this case, between them there will be a tragic event at Seneca), and then a volcano in siberia, Gladiator, Imperial Guard, Shi ar and so on. No shortage of battles in space, and other details typical of a comic ‘the cosmic’, but what is most striking is the atmosphere, mournful, melancholic and introspective of the plot, beautifully evoked by the deep lyrics and thoughtful.

Thanos is a jewel not only for the script but also for the spectacular designs by the very talented Mike Deodato Jr. The penciler opt for a stretch of dirty and dark, perfect for a story that takes place on the desolate worlds, distant galaxies, spaceships, labyrinthine worthy of the film of Alien and the crazy space-time dimensions. The characters are all well characterized, but what makes Thanos, from the graphical point of view, a series not to be missed is the special construction of the table.

Deodato, almost in every page, create vignettes between their sets, often divided into small shots from the cut film together, like a mosaic, form a wide image. The backgrounds are sometimes orange, sometimes white or black or other colors, and these are chosen so as to contrast nicely with the dark shades of the art of Deodato. On other occasions, however, Mike gives you a traditional division of the nine vignettes, in the style of Watchmen, as happens in the third episode of the series.

To make further suggestive of the pencils contribute to the colors of Frank Martin, sometimes dark, sometimes vivid and psychedelic. Prevail in the red and the orange that allude visually to the emotions of the bloody and violent that animate the protagonists of one of the best tested of Marvel's recent output. Do not neglect, then, Thanos. It is really worth it.


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