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Published on Nov 05, 2017


The old saying is sports reads: “the Team that wins will not change” then after the great texone – our review here – SBE-tip once again on the coupled Mauro Boselli/Stefano Andreucci for a new chapter of the series Tex -Novels to Comics.

Beyond the Rio Grande, Tex has done justice to the murderers of his father. But a powerful ranchero ally with, the game puts a bounty on his head. Hunted by pistoleros and sheriffs corrupt, the young Tex crosses again the border in search of the fierce desperado Juan Cortina, in a reckless adventure without pause or breath, in the lands of the burning of the Old West!

We return once again to the youth of Tex, and this Avenger is a prequel, of that texone mentioned just above, Sam Willer is, in fact, still alive and Tex is hunted as an outlaw after he avenged the murder of his father.

The risk of a luxurious, grown-up then he was around the corner, but Mauro Boselli demonstrates once again how the youth of Tex is uncharted territory and full of ideas narrative original and intriguing.

The writer imbastisce a story from the pace with a Tex always on the run, and with the action of the real pivot of the story.

If you often appeal to the western movies of John Ford, and a certain literature of the frontier, are the touchstone for the adventures of Ranger – just look at the last Maxi Texi, our review here – in this graphic novel, instead, channels a certain aesthetic-beyond Sergio Leone not only for the places in which the story takes place – between the Texas the more arid Mexico and more sunny – but also for the prose terse and the tension is always palpable – one of the great trademarks of the Master of the spaghetti western – the veteran author manages to transpose on page after page.

This tension finds vent valve to one side in a Tex young and insolent is that you do not care of the danger and has decided to get rid of his pursuers and get justice at any cost, on the other hand there are the supporting characters of the story in which the writer relegates the task of explaining the reasons for the young cowboy that seems to be a suicide mission, and so begin to trace the figure “mythical”.

The climax of this album is without doubt, the standoff in the village of Piedas Negras between Tex, perched on the roof of a house, and the men of Benitez – the marauding, in the pay of Bronson, the ranchero, who placed the bounty on his head – which, without success, to try to flush him out by coming rejected with tenacity and with a Title that does not lose the occasion to show the nerves of steel of the young cowboy and his resilience, supported by a hearty dosa and bullets.

Tex will deliver Bronson to justice, and to come back in Texas, safe and sound, but the adventures of his first becoming a man of the law, seem to be far from concluded.

The graphics is outstanding signed Stefano Andreucci, which illustrates in a precise manner, clean and dynamic a story that enhances its quality both from the point of view of the feature of the construction of the table and that “directorial”.

The designer masters the anatomie potendovisi dedicate with devotion, outlining a Tex young and charming but by the ways first, in addition the supporting characters, hardened by life in the wild West, nothing is left to chance, from the environments to the landscape – masterfully rendered in horizontal panes as fields long.

The table, free construction, with obvious appeal to the comic French, it is useful to the designer that can give pace to the narrative, resulting in always engaging.

It is in the action scenes but Andreucci is exceeded, especially in the opening scene and in the standoff, already quoted above, in which the young Tex show all his skill and sagacity handwriting to “choreographed” spectacular surroundings very hollywood and camera movements are dynamic, and certainly unusual for a story starring the Ranger.

Also great work on the color of Matteo Vattani that with a palette realistic but bright gives depth to the narrative that can also count on the scenes of the night, for example – as the opening – in which the color finds its true raison d'être and it is not a mere tool of embellishment aesthetic.

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