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Published on Jan 30, 2019


A story set in the midst of the snow, and another by the taste of horror. You couldn't hope for better for a Tex Magazine arrived in the middle of winter.

Mauro Boselli, a curator and a writer for Tex, for this special issue was entrusted to the two authors (partially) new to the stories of the Eagle of the Night. We are talking about Jacopo Rauch (writer run of Zagor) and Giorgio Giusfredi (young author who recently competed on both the Dampyr and on Zagor).

The story written by Giusfredi is entitled “Yukon Race“, and it is an interesting experiment, in which Tex does not figure among the protagonists, but leaves space for three characters: Homer Deveraux, entrepreneur dog-sled without scruples, who has organized a race in the village of Dawson Creek; Gros-Jean, character, gruff but good-mind, already seen appear in the books of Tex; and his goddaughter Dawn. The three will be among the participants in the competition.

Giusfredi, within a story in the Jack London (it is immediate on the approach to White Fang and the Call of The wild) inserts a story of injustice and revenge. The ride of the sled dogs take you of the dire consequences for some of these characters, pushing them to perpetrate a revenge that stain of blood on the pure white of the snow. The character that will be among all will be their Gros-Jean, a tough-from the soul good that Tex has already met and enjoyed in the past.

Writing Giusfredi fails to reconcile the classical tradition of the comic bonellino, with a rhythm and stylistic choices and narrative modern. The whole is enriched by the drawings of Alfonso Font, who, with his touch prattiano, has managed to bring out the expressions of the characters, and to enhance the setting of the comic. In short, in this period of great cold there is nothing better than a nice story in the snow, topped with a lot of action.

The “harvest blood” is the other story this Tex Magazine. Here the protagonist is, and everything in Tex, but not only. The characters at his side are Gideon Parker, a man was saved from certain death, and Seth Lennox, an outlaw captured by the same Tex. The group will arrive in the vicinity of Redfield, Nebraska, a village in which they are made horrible sacrifices to ensure a good harvest. To take a lead in the village are a mysterious witch, and the powerful Kasdan.

The “harvest blood” is a very tasty and interesting, which makes you move Tex on a ground familiar to him: that of horror. This story mixes, in fact, the atmosphere in the Children of The Corn Stephen King, with a taste for Hammer Horror, providing excellent points of reference around which to move the story.

Lovers of horror will find everything from a rite of blood and a village invaded, a witch, mysterious, family neutral (similar to that of don't Open That Door or House of 1,000 Corpses), and a house of horrors that it is clearly inspired by that of Norman Bates in Psycho.

To make visually effective, this series of items were pencils, Alessandro Poli, which by combining the effectiveness of the hatch physical to mr. Claudio Villa, with a soft line that reminds Magnus, creates a perfect mix suitable to the story.

In short, this Tex Magazine 2019 has two interesting stories, fun, and a perfect taste texiano. The fans, as well as the readers of the occasion will not be at all disappointed by the reading.

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