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Published on Jan 22, 2018


In Tex Magazine 2018 proposed by Sergio Bonelli Editore in the beginning of the year we find two stories: the first is called Model Prisoner, and as the author of the subject Diego Cajelli, the screenplay Tito Faraci and designs Luca Vannini.

The protagonist of the story is, precisely, a prisoner “model”, Archibald Leyton, crook, men of business who is serving his sentence in the prison of Rockfort. Leyton has had a special permission to go say good-bye to the mother, has just died, to Angletown in Texas.

The fate of Leyton we will cross with that of Tex and Kit Carson, they, too, are in the same city. The model prisoner is under the mire of Joseph Pike, one of the men he cheated and that he hired an entire band to make them pay.

Tex and Kit, offertisi of a lift back Leyton to Rockfort after the burial of the mother, will have to reckon with an entire gang of thugs to break up, before reporting to the prison, the “model prisoner”.

The story written by Faraci is enjoyable and is a good accompaniment to what is usually the head of the Tex dedicated to everything that revolves around the world of the West. Cajelli has built a simple storyline but not predictable, and in a rather small number of pages compared to the canons Texiani (about 70 pp.) to create a good storyline, that clever Tito Faraci has been able to serve with a good pace.

To give more substance to the story were the drawings of Luca Vannini, who, according to the standards of the maestro Claudio Villa (author of the cover of the book), we have returned a Tex compact and “rocky” not seen in a while on the pages Bonelli.

The second story is called the soul of The Warrior, and is a tribute to Tiger Jack. At the edge of the Navajo reservation, the indian warrior will have to cope with the bandwidth of Jeb Torrent, a thug that has something to do with his past.

The writer and the author of the subject Louis Mignaccio in just 40 pages manages to create a small functional history to tell the spirit of the Tiger, Jack, and his blood Navajo. One of the reasons why Tiger Jack is one of the persons to whom Tex is more tied its moral principles, and his sense of friendship. In the soul of The Warrior Tiger Jack proves once more the depth of his values.

To the drawings, there is John Bruzzo, who, with his cool touch can give to this little story is also an experimental flavor, since the heads side of Tex are also often used to test visual styles and narrative is different.

In short, the Model Prisoner and the soul of The Warrior are a good accompaniment to the over 60 pages of apparatus of the in-depth study and the dossier of the source Magazine. As is the tradition of the publishing house via Buonarroti the comics that accompany the magazine's various publications, know how to embody the synthesis, but in an effective way, the spirit and the taste of the people that have made history. And Tex, on the saddle of his horse, is the symbol par excellence.

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