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Published on May 23, 2019


Sergio Bonelli Editore has decided to propose a format value, a recent history of Tex, but perfectly successful, and already become classical. The idea of developing stories dedicated to young Tex in a refined version, called “comic-strip novel”, it expands the universe of the Eagle of the Night, and at the same time he describes in that great little world of the West, in which the character lives adventures by about seventy years.

This is because Justice in Corpus Christi is a cool story and at the same time very traditional. The screenplay is Mauro Boselli, the curator of the headboard, and the author who knows perfectly the character. While to the drawings, the masterful Corrado Mastantuono is able to give strength and freshness to the stroke of the characters and the settings. In addition, there are the colors of Matteo Vattani that, despite sticking to the tradition of comics european, are able to give a further sense of freshness to the visual to the story, making it as nearly to approach to the style of Marvel.

In all of this there is a traditional story of Tex, and that draws at the heart of its genesis: the young Willer is on the trail of the raiders who have been falsely accused. Tex in fact is considered to be an outlaw, for having done justice following the killing of the father. But to support it on the way to Corpus Christi, while it is hunted by the gunmen, there are the brother Sam and his friends rangers.

In short, it is a classic story of texiana, going to dig into the past of the character and adventures of his youth. We know that Sergio Bonelli Editore has recently launched a series dedicated exclusively to young Tex, and this graphic novel, published last year and proposed again today in a limited edition hardcover, not ago other that to remark on this new terrain of publishing, furrowed by the SBE.

While in the series of Tex Willer, the main character and the stories still need to get to grips with all that entails seriality, and the monthly output at the newsstand, this kind of volume, you can allow a narrative language and a different visual. In 48 pages, which are developed in a format that is French, the story takes a different breath, thanks to tables full of cartoons.

The reader is so engaged on the single table most of the time, and can experience the best of the designs of Mastantuono and a staining at the height of a volume of quality dedicated to Tex.

Despite the fervor of youth of the Eagle of the Night the character is smart enough not to fall into the trap, and to know how to read the dangers. Under this point of view the very last page reserves a bit of suspense and turns on with a sudden blaze the attention of the reader.

Justice in Corpus Christi continues to carry forward the best of the publication of the novels to the comics dedicated to the young, Tex, and further enhances this prestigious edition hardcover. The young Tex from the hair a bit longer works well on a visual level. The essential traits of the character, able to recognize the Eagle of the Night the solid rock of the main heading, but renewing it and making it fresh thanks to some devices, damage to the Tex the world of graphic novels, something that stands out and makes you appreciate the character and the cylinder head.

Justice in Corpus Christi, then, is the confirmation of a size and a type of story dedicated to Tex that works, and that may be even more valued over time, and this is its revival version of the hardcover is a testament of how this “young” necklace is already winning praise.

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