Tex in 2018: the new products announced at Expotraining


Published on Mar 15, 2018


The micam shoevent of Milan (which was held from 9 to 11 march at the Fiera di Rho) was the opportunity for Sergio Bonelli Editore to make the first big release of the year 2018, presenting the novelties of the new year with regard to its characters. This, even more than in the past, will be the year of Tex, the first character Bonelli to celebrate 70 years of editorial life. On the occasion of the conference of presentation of the new 2018 dedicated to the rangers, the most famous of Italy, could not miss the curator of the head, and Mauro Boselli, accompanied by the designers Fabio Civitelli, Maurizio Dotti ,Pasquale Del Vecchio and Corrado Mastantuono.

At the opening meeting Boselli is focused on Justice in Corpus Christi, the hardcover as soon as published, by him written and drawn by Corrado Mastantuono, dedicated to the youth of Tex. "In the seventy years since the birth of this historical character we wanted to give space to comics dedicated to his youth," said Boselli. While the style has stated that it is a story that has "designed in the French style, with a sense of rhythm".

The number of the seventy will be designed by Giovanni Ticci, and will see the return of the sheriff Mallory. But Boselli is wanted to go beyond 2018, announcing that the number 700 (which will be released in February 2019) will be drawn by Fabio Civitelli, and will have a good portion of the register set in the past, and will be dedicated to the meeting between Tex and the indian Tesah.

Among the most important stories of this 2018 there will be a cycle of four collections designed by Maurizio Dotti, and that will see Tex and Kit Carson in New York.

While the Texone di Majo will be among the protagonists of a special body of rangers of the frontier, to whom they cleave Kit Willer. The american screenwriter Chuck Dixon will be a volume hardback and a history of Color Tex, designed by Civitelli. The Tex Magazine is hosting the two stories, the first designed by Civitelli, dedicated to the past of Lilyth, while the second, designed by the Learned, will be devoted to the Dynamite, the old horse of Tex.

At the promotiontrade exhibition were also presented a variant of the Tex 690 (written by Pasquale Ruju, and designed by Giuseppe Prisco), with double cover acetate, and a special edition “disc” of the Valley of The Moon.

Tex in 2018: the new products announced at the promotiontrade exhibition is




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