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Published on Jun 16, 2019


Back Cinnamon Wells, a history of Tex published for the novels to the comics of Sergio Bonelli Editore. The screenplay was employed Chuck Dixon, while to the drawings, there is Mario Alberti.

The story kicks off when a Cinnamon Wells the sheriff is killed by a gang of outlaws. The deputy, therefore, will attempt to catch the bandits, and, fortunately, you will find Tex to support it. But the desert and the environmental factors become more extreme and put them to the test, pushing them to an adventure to the limits.

The novels to the comics of Tex they are a variation on the theme is quite important. This kind of stories allow you to exit temporarily from the Eagle of the Night the serial, that must apply to a slice of players very wide, which they expect the return of certain situations and patterns. While in the novels to the comics, the story can take a more authorial, to be able eventually to get even harder, delving more in the twists and turns of the genre.

Cinnamon Wells is, in fact, a comic that recalls the style of the writer Joe R. Lansdale (whose novel series " Deadwood Dick has been turned into a miniseries in the comics from the label of bonelli Bold). In fact, the Arizona, and Yuma in particular, have never seemed to be of places that are so concrete and alive. You breathe in the dust of the desert, the hot you can feel it on him, and the tension is increasingly mounting up to reach its culmination in a final in which no one seems to have a chance.

These are the stories of Tex that we love the most: the adventures dure, in which the Eagle of the Night seems to be the character most suitable to us to live the difficult conditions of a western wild, and trigger-happy, where the surrounding environment is so beautiful and inhospitable.

Several times it was attributed to Tex the defect of the stories, not the height of the great designers that have worked on the character. Suffice it to recall the striking case de The Valley of Terror, the texone of Magnus, who many accuse of having put in the centre, a history is absolutely not to the levels of the work done by the late, great designer Alan Ford.

Of course, without inconveniencing cases that are so egregious, it is true that when the level of the stories of Tex standing up (and even recently we have read of the beautiful, see some of albi written by Pasquale Ruju), the ranger of Bonelli's able to unleash its full potential. All fans, in fact, remember (and we point out another Texone), as in Patagonia, the high-level narrative, and the quality of the drawings, to be lifted in the balloon to such an extent as to make it practically a classic narrative of western, with a strong imprint of history.

In short, Cinnamon Wells is definitely not the best screenplay of Tex in recent times, but it makes breathing a hard and wild that will delight all fans of the genre. And then the drawings of Mario Alberti manage to combine a certain classic with a freshness and dynamism of the sudden, that to think of the american comic book. And the colors of Matteo Vattani help you surely to increase the liveliness of the boards.

For this reason, they make sense to the novels to the comics of Tex, and to this sense the new edition of the Cinnamon Wells, a history in which one breathes the pure air of the western, complete with the Eagle of the Night.

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