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Published on Sep 17, 2018


Continue the celebrations for the 70 years of Tex, a real character “eponymous” to the SBE, and arrives on time like a clock the second annual event with the necklace Tex Novels to Comics with this Tex – Cinnamon Wells uniting a legend of american comics Chuck Dixon (Batman, Robin, Birds of Prey and a veritable column of DC Comics at the end of the years ’80 and ’90) and the great Mario Alberti, who had already shown, always for this series, Tex – Frontera!.

Yuma county, Arizona. A group of robbers attacked the bank of the small town of Cinnamon Wells killing during the escape, the sheriff. The young but inexperienced sheriff's deputy then decides to put together a team to hunt down the bandits, to which she decides to join also Tex happened there by accident during one of his patrols as a Ranger.

After having focused on exploiting the “young Tex” with the Maxi Tex 21 Nueces Valley – our review HERE – and especially with the texone The Magnificent Outlaw – our review here – and two in this series with Tex – The Avenger – our review here – and Tex – Justice Corpus Christi – our review HERE – with this the eighth output back to the maturity of Tex this Tex – Cinnamon Wells is already a ranger expert, and sailed.

Chuck Dixon moves confidently building a “classic” story for the beginning and course taking, however, a final was far from obvious.

The american screenwriter to play with some of the classic elements of film western's more classic, veering on the half of the volume, on the territories from the literature of the frontier with the action that cala replaced instead by a kind of psychological tension between Tex and his unusual “hunting companion” in which it is inserted the element of water, which become fundamental for the resolution of the story.

Dixon is a veteran and is able to fold efficiently the attention and the feelings of the reader, shame that the ending is too rushed, lacking perhaps the necessary “breath” to be effective, and to make, in fact, this Tex – Cinnamon Wells, one of the stories more compelling than “unusual” Tex, although still solid and perfectly suited to celebrate the first 70 years of the character.

Mario Alberti, as always, towers pencils. After explaining with all the skill and mastery Tex – Frontera!, the designer from trieste back to this volume while maintaining its style, but “sporcandolo” adding to that is a sense of “uncertainty” and “indefinibilità” to his figures. Where, however, the designer will pass is in the allocation of space: the board is not ever divided the same way rather the fragmentation into smaller panels facilitates the narrative, and the voltage alternating effectively verticality and horizontality. Decisive in this sense, it is also the use of the technique of the insert, which Alberti manages in a masterly way to “widen” the field of recovery.

Excellent and worthy of note is also the test of Matteo Vattani to the colors, which is good to emphasize not only the expertise but also the extreme versatility by changing the pallet in an extremely natural way: by yellow vivid scenes set in the desert, the gray of the nights in the desert up to the ochre and brown of the scenes “for the city”. Really a great job.

Tex – Cinnamon Wells fails to reach the levels of the latest releases of the series Tex graphic Novels, but defends himself in a most eminent, resulting in a solid story, all obvious and illustrated, and coloured, in a masterly manner.

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