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Published on Dec 12, 2019


The stories of siege and resistance have always had a strong impact at a creative level and on the public. Especially when you speak of the Western genre. The Film as A Dollar Of Honor have inspired District 13, John Carpenter, and produced a whole series of quotations and narrative strands.

The Siege of Mezcali, new book of the regular series of Tex, continues this narrative, crossing the path of the Eagle of the Night and his pards, with one of the other characters. On all there are the indians Yaqui uprising, that will force a group of people to take refuge inside the station's e-mail Mezcali.

And here Tex you will be confronted with a character like Frank Yunker, a gambler, a bold and cocky, ready to wrestle with the Eagle of the Night to claim its leadership in the group. And at the same time, Tex will have to keep an eye on the outlaw, just caught, Bulder.

This album is the beginning of a story that will continue in the next issue, and that alongside the action, the presence and the stories of the characters in the comics of Tex have always been of great importance.

We can clearly say that the strength of Tex, in addition to the charism and to the characteristics of the Eagle of the Night (a figure in the avant-garde at the time of his birth the editorial, and of great narrative force today), consists in the characters that revolve around his stories.

The narrative strength of Tex is revealed often in the books that the Eagle of the Night is not central, and is the backdrop to a story with other actors.

And The siege of Mezcali manages to balance all of this, giving space to Tex and Kit Carson, but at the same time highlighting the figures comprimarie as Frank Yunker and Bulder.

All of this is enhanced by the screenwriter of veteran Claudio Nizzi, the first great heir of Gianluigi Bonelli. Nizzi knows how to give strength to the stories of the choral, the ones with the "pards" of Tex put in the foreground. In this case, the chorus is underlined by the presence of several character states from a difficult situation, in which they must make a common front.

The siege of Mezcali then follows one of the tea towels classic of a western story, and is enhanced by the characters of the narrative universe of Tex Willer. All carried out with a cracking pace, and with the presence of balloon centellinati and effective.

To enhance the screenplay Nizzi are the drawing by Lucio Filippucci, which, rather than follow the stretch and classic shapes sturdy, Claudio Villa, prefer to use a lighter and Prattiano, giving great emphasis to the expressions of the characters, and dynamism to the various actions.

With the series of Tex Willer that is opening up to stories and situations, more daring (see also the special yearly christmas), the regular series dedicated to the Eagle of the Night try to alternate stories and new situations (see the saga in new york) with stories that are more traditional, and in which the western atmosphere is breathed in to your lungs.

The next register we will better understand where Nizzi want to bring in readers with this story, which is open from The Siege of Mezcali. Of course is that with the veteran Nizzi to the guide of the screenplay, the old atmosphere of the Eagle of the Night are return completely to the center of the action.

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