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Published on Oct 11, 2019


Makua is back, but is a personage changed, devastated in the physical, and rejected. Tex is ready to support it, but, around them, the wickedness, of Mescalero will be able to unleash a new hell.

This is the plot of the new book of Tex, called The Tribe of the damned, a story that has an important impact, and that draws the attention of the reader the themes of a certain relevance. Moreover, this is one of the strengths of comics as a medium, and also the Eagle of the Night, while in his scenario western out by the contemporary, has often tried to convey messages that could have an impact on society today.

And the figure Makua just remember that of a migrant in modern times, in search of respite and peace, but forced to constantly confront a hostile environment, is not easy to live with, and in which there are men, intolerant, wishing to retaliate against them.

Pasquale Ruju in this album has tried to move away from the thriller, the genre in which he is a master, and with which he has enriched often the stories of Tex. The writer on this occasion he preferred to give more attention to the characters and their intimacy.

The atmosphere in The Tribe of the damned sa of Frontier history, of those in which you live the discomfort of the characters confronted with the difficulties of an era full of challenges, but at the same time so fascinating.

Makua is a character who is both intriguing and rich in nuances. Since Pasquale Ruju had introduced him in The Rematch of Makua, the readers texiani have known a young man who tries to turn to evil, but which is dismissed in a very strong way by fate, becoming an outcast, total.

It is a figure that Ruju is able to enhance, carrying also the same for the Tex stories in a contemporary light, with a freshness to the narrative's new.

Ruju for this story has reassembled the duo with Alfonso Font, a designer can give a unique charm to the landscapes of the western, giving the characters an expressive, strong, suitable, for stories which combine the action a certain amount of introspection.

The tribe of the damned is one of the Tex stories the most interesting of the last times, able to change on the genre, offering a plot full of action, but also intimate in its analysis and description of the characters alone, and the search for peace first, and revenge later.

In this story, Tex (as has happened on several occasions) acts as a deus ex machina, and the figure that stood a bit in the background enhances the characters ' stories, and the register of the same. This is another of the strong points of the Eagle of the Night, which can give strength to their stories even when it is not totally in the foreground.

The story told in The tribe of the damned continues after this register, and reserve a decisive moment for Makua in the next issue.

Pasquale Ruju has taken over the reins of the adventures texiane with a story that really intriguing and that gives freshness to the series. In short, a book of great value, attracting further texiani strong, and attract even the novice of the Eagle of the Night.

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