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Published on Apr 14, 2019


After an album that had us immersed in an atmosphere of horror, pushing us in the most mysterious and esoteric of Mexico, now Tex, together with El Morisco and his partners, has the objective of reaching face-to-face with the witch Eztli, to avoid the sacrifice of Patricia Ballard and his father.

Continues and concludes the story started in the register 701, entitled The Queen of the Vampires. Eagle of the Night with him the wild Ikal, which will have the task of opening the road to the temple, where Eztli held hostage, archaeologist Ballard, together with her daughter. But the path towards the ultimate goal (as we well know when it comes to the adventures of Tex) will not be so simple to reach. And the Eagle of the Night will face a final duel that (as happens usually with Mefisto) will have half the black magic.

The Temple in the Jungle closes a miniciclo of two albums from which at the narrative level we expected something more. The Queen of the Vampires was open to the best: among the sacrifices of the seven dark, and bats and vampires. Readers lovers of horror, had begun to sniff the atmosphere, that can also enhance some of the stories texiane. That smell, however, did not become pervasive, and is limited only to give more atmosphere to a classic story of hunting the outlaws, which in this case, however, is a witch.

Which is a shame, because Gianfranco Manfredi in the register that opened this miniciclo had entered several suggestive elements, and capable of sparking the imagination of the readers. Missing, however, was the pervasive presence of black magic, vampire bats (maybe used to create some supposed insurmountable difficulty), and the horror as such.

But, in addition to horror, The Temple in the Jungle does not meet in full at the narrative level because it is a bit too linear, without large changes in voltage. The reader will find what he expects, and this in a story that should surprise you is not positive.

What, however, is nowhere to be seen a little to the level of the narrative is enhanced by the fantastic drawings of Alessandro Bocci. The cartoonist, who often has made albi dedicated to the Dampyr, in which the horror atmospheres, are a prerogative of the base, in this history of Tex is able to give the best of themselves.

In addition to the attention to detail (almost worthy of a Texone), Bocci, unable to offer nuances that can vary between the white and the black, giving even more atmosphere to the environments that they need to be very evocative (since it plays with the horror genre).

If there is something really positive that you can pull out from The Temple in the Jungle (and from his register, the previous Queen of the Vampires) is precisely the presence of the drawings of Alessandro Bocci, deserves to appear more often on the head texiana (maybe even in a story not exclusively horror).

Remains the desire unexpressed to enjoy a story texiana in which the horror is truly exalted, and able to put the Eagle of the Night in great difficulty.

The fact remains that this mini cycle Tex is dedicated to the witch Eztli will still be remembered for some fascinating characters, and for all the great designs of Alessandro Bocci.

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