Tex – 70 years of a myth: the series will continue beyond the number 50


Published on Nov 16, 2018


The large audience of Tex – 70 years a myth has made the editorial success of the series and so it was announced the continuation of the weekly releases combined with Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera, well beyond the fiftieth number, initially planned as the final.


Here are the titles of the outputs up to the number 70:

51 the arc of the Story!

52 – Challenge to the Cheyenne Club

53 – The mysterious voice

54 – In the land of the Sioux

55 – dirty Business

56 – The wind of hatred

57 – Gold!

58 – The holy mountain

59 – The fate of a head

60 – Deadwood

61 – The last assassin

62 – Creature of the night

63 – Mitla, the diablera

64 – wild and Free

65 – the call of The blood

66 – The valley of the jaguar

67 – The necromancer

68 – Along the rivers of Canada

69 – On the trail of the Gros-Jean

70 – The predators of Saskatchewan

With the new series of volumes, you will find an additional surprise: at the end of the collection of figurines Tex – Postcards from the West, starting from the fiftieth exit (dated December 7), you can get your hands on the new album bin, Tex – New postcards from the West, where the figurines will be in conjunction with volumes weekly starting from number 51 (the one planned for the 14th of December). Two hundred new stickers, self-adhesive, drawn by the beautiful cards made by Claudio Villa for the necklace Tex New Reissue.

As told by Fabio Licari, supervisor editorial of the initiative on behalf of the RCS, not Even Sergio Bonelli could explain the success of Tex, the hundreds of thousands of readers who responded – and continue to respond – "the present" on any output, news, volume, initiative, reissue of the Ranger as this 70 years is a myth. “A wonderful mystery”, called it, proud of having participated in the adventure from the beginning of creation, when kid watched the father Gianluigi and Galep create the first strips. Then get involved by titolista, screenwriter, editor, “the brother” more. Imagine if we can succeed us in the business. Us that we are simply readers from a life of...". “A wonderful mystery” that continues to remain as such, but also to rhyme with publishing success and also of initiatives such as the Tex – 70 years is a myth!

Tex – 70 years of a myth: the series will continue beyond the number 50 is




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