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Published on Jan 07, 2019


Andrew Liddel has decided to transform New York in the stage of the game of horror. The goal of the Teacher is to weave a plan to spread a disease in a part of the city, and disfiguring, Tex and Kit Carson. And if in the previous register to the centre of the plans of the Liddel, there was an opera theatre, this time the main scenario in which it will take place the decisive battle will be the Madison Square Garden, where he held a boxing match.

The mini-saga in new york, she brought Tex on terrain that is unusual: one of the canvas action, with many points in common with the superhero. Yes, because these stories new yorkers seemed very similar to the albums supereroistici of the golden age and silver age. To be clear, these numbers Tex has put in shows no physical capacity for the supernatural, but it's just the style of the plot to associate the latter albi to the superhero.

Tex and Kit, in fact, find themselves fighting an enemy, getting within a large urban context (even if the New York nineteenth century is clearly not comparable to that of the Twentieth century). The Maestro Andrew Liddel is a true megalomaniac, with you in mind plans far more risky for the community in relation to the objectives the most usual of outlaws with which you compare usually the Eagle of the Night. The action then is the master: there are so many pursuits Tex hunting of the various enemies, which are many, and all in the service of the “Master”.

And then Tex has a great shoulder which is Kit Carson, who, despite being the most senior of our protagonist, he particularly remembers the best helpers of superheroes.

In short, Mauro Boselli, he is used to this saga in the new york a whole series of expedients narrative typical of the basic pattern of the superhero. And the result is more enjoyable.

To give great power to the narrative are also the many villain: in fact, Andrew Liddel has on his own side characters like Frank Castle. And with the mafias of New York, made available to it, the basic idea seems to be that of wanting to collide with the Eagle of the Night with a real team of (super)enemy. In short, we are not in front of Spiderman against the Sinister Six, but the feel is still that of seeing a superhero ready to fight with great opponents, with a lot of inventiveness.

What we have said in the past, that is, the fact that Mauro Boselli is recovering a whole range of extras and supporting actors of the publishing history of Tex to create new plots, and characters worthy of note, is something more and more tangible. The Maestro Andrew Liddel seems to be taken out from the pantheon of opponents that Batman meets usually in Gotham City. This type of villain, and the urban setting that suits both the type of history they have a product that is a series of albums at the height of the head Tex, while offering something fresh.

Worthy of note are also the drawings of maurice the Learned, that, always insisting that the taste from the Golden and Silver Age he was able to give the characters a visual appearance very similar to the stretch of the great cartoonists of the golden age of superheroes (such as Curt Swan, the historic designer of the Superman of the Fifties and Sixties).

In short, this saga in new york has been for Tex a breath of fresh air, and a nice hit of suspense and atmosphere, less common. All the while we are a step away from the long-awaited register 700, which will close the best of the celebrations for the sixty years old of the life of the Ranger's best loved Italy.

Why is Tex, while always respecting its own tradition, never gets old.

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