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Published on Dec 13, 2018


The minisaga began with The shadow of the Master is continuing the regular series of Tex, with our ranger, and Kit Carson engaged to New York with Buffalo Bill.

After being discovered by the band of the chinese Tex prepares to make a deal to get to capture Nick Castle. But the goal is not at all simple to achieve. The young helper of the Master has a large part of the criminals in the slums of New York, and Tex needs to stage a theatrical performance with the Kit, and Buffalo Bill. That will be the ideal time to get to the showdown, and in which there will be many to risk the skin.

Mauro Boselli stra bringing forward in an interesting way this minisaga that you are narrow little streets winding under in New York at the end of the Nineteenth century. Nick Castle and his band, and the dark character of the Master, enemies, ideal for giving pepper a story with Kit and Tex characters.

The urban setting is useful for the comic and manages to give the stories of Tex, a different atmosphere, such as to make it look in some points very similar to a classic storyline of Batman comics of the Sixties. The threat that Nick Castle and the Master represent, not only for Tex but also for the entire population of New York city, very reminiscent of the stories supereroistiche classic with the Joker is the antagonist of Batman and Robin. In addition, the end of the register set in the theatre during the show manages to create a lot of action and liveliness.

Maurizio Dotti is the designer is ideal for creating drawings of Panic to the Theatre and the entire saga of the Big Apple, given its ability to be adherent to the detailed representation of the scenarios as new yorkers, but at the same time be capable of creating a Tex and the other characters, the protagonists, giving them a certain physicality and making it soar to the presence on every single page. The action scenes are of the goodies shown in the more classic style bonelliano.

In short, Panic at the Theater is a register of the fun, with some turn-thematic, evocative, and different from the classic albi texiani, which, however, is to highlight the strength and ability of Tex to handle even the most difficult situations. Nick Castle and the Master are enemies, charismatic, and ideal for giving liveliness to a character who, despite his seventy years of stories still manages to attract like a magnet for tens of thousands of readers.

And the operation of dusted of the old characters (maybe only mentioned in the seventy-Tex story) brought forward from Mauro Boselli in the last decades is enhanced when the screenwriter pulls out of the villain so charismatic, able to ask the player what will be their next gimmick to threaten the ranger, and what will be the comebacks of the Eagle of the Night and his Pards to take countermeasures.

Because, in Tex the characters that revolve around the protagonist are the value-added character so characteristic to remain impressed in the memories of readers. Every good texiano, in fact, has its secondary role, favorite, can not wait to re-read in the regular series, or on some other head texiana.

Mauro Boselli has understood this for a long time the strength of the “supporting actors” of Tex, and lately is even more putting the enemies to be charismatic, capable of raising the level of the stories, and give yet another great album.

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