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Published on Oct 06, 2018


Nick Castle is a young man that knows how long, and in the end it is the only major thread of the register this month Tex. It was a little bit of time that there was the face of a history that is capable of unravelling in so many places, and creating so many breaks in temporal, interweaving plot lines with different characters that, more often than not, there come little with one another. Only, perhaps, by Mauro Boselli could be able to “bring home the bacon,” solving a story so complicated. The result certainly isn't perfect, but manages to satisfy.

Yes, because the atmosphere you breathe in The Shadow of the Master are really various. In the first part of the story we see the young Nick Castle to make his first appearance, along with the powerful and faithful companion Muggs. The goal is to get the riches of a mad and mysterious character nicknamed El Supremo, capable of building his own fortress in the middle of an island.

Immediately after the action moves to the state of Louisiana, and on a maximum-security prison in which Tex and Kit Carson came to visit to another dark character, nicknamed The Master. A man who is able to be deformed because of a disease he himself created. The Master is ready to undergo his execution, but things will not go as expected, and behind all this hides itself again Nick Castle.

The latter will appear in New York, where Tex and Kit went (some time after than happened in Louisiana) at the invitation of Buffallo Bill. But for the two "pards" there will be no peace not even in the Big Apple, so much so that you avventureranno between the streets of Chinatown, coming in a two gang in the fight, behind which lurk the dark characters, such as the same Nick Castle.

In short, a story that unfolds between more environments, and that involves so many characters. In spite of the tears between one place and another are too abrupt (especially the one from Louisiana to New York), the atmosphere is appropriate, and Boselli, perhaps also feeding on a certain type of inspiration (the novels of Dumas for the parts set on the island of El Supremo and in the prison of Louisiana, and the film Gangs of New York for the scenes dedicated to the Big Apple) will be able to give a touch of flavour to the characters and environments.

What is lacking in the screenplay Boselli, however, is a higher compactness of the various locations, and an excessive heaviness of the dialogues, which this time will create some slowdown in the pace of the story.

Excellent and without burrs are the drawings of maurice the Learned, which is able to give the right atmosphere for each scenario, featuring the characters with a classic style and precise, that a re-emergence of a taste from the Silver Age of comics for this story, the sock just brush.

All the events of this issue, however, is deferred to the next number (the title of which will be in Manhattan), so also the judgment on the history that can not be table of contents. Of course, the characters introduced by Boselli in the final part of the album is as intriguing as ever, and the fight between the gang looming, with Tex and Kit inserted in the middle, can not that gasare readers texiani, ready to be charmed from the next issue with a special issue that will breathe the atmosphere of a New York city of the late Nineteenth century, is today difficult to imagine.

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