Tesla, on the arrival of a new powerbank wireless Qi for iPhone


Published on Aug 29, 2018


Not only cars and delicious projects futuristic Tesla but also accessories for our smartphones, how the new wireless charger Qi compatible with the iPhone announced a few hours ago from the company of Elon Musk.

Not you can of course use it for your vehicle, the Tesla (assuming they have one) but only with your smartphone. The new device launched by the automaker offers in fact a pad for wireless charging Qi (the standard adopted now by all the smartphone modern equipped with wireless charging, including the iPhone 2017) and is powered by a 6000 mAh battery; the design follows the same philosophy of the energy products of the company.

The device may, however, also take advantage of the charging wired through the USB cable-C supplied, or connecting any other cable (such as the lightning connector used by Apple devices) to the USB-A port provided by the product; once it is exhausted, the reserve battery, you can recharge the device with the included cable.

The device mode of the wireless charging provides a maximum of 5W, not allowing the user to benefit from quick charging is that we remember, on the iPhone be supported up to 7.5 W; in wired mode, you can instead benefit from a charging to 5 V / 1.5 A.

The device will be available in two colours (white and black) and will be sold directly through the online shop of Tesla at a total price of 65$, a price that is very high in virtue of the characteristics and of the widespread competition.

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