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Published on Jul 19, 2019


Terminator: Dark Destiny is directed by Tim Miller, and sees the participation of Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta. It will be in Italian cinemas from October 31, 2019; this is the synopsis: 27 years after the events of Terminator 2, a new Terminator metal liquid changed (Gabriel Luna) is sent from the future by Skynet to kill Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), a hybrid cyborg human (Mackenzie Davis), and his friends. Sarah Connor is in their help, as well as the Terminator, the original, for a fight for the future. Sarah Connor is back and is preparing with a team of agents who will fight against the T-1000.

As expected, James Cameron is not present, but wanted to pass on a message from the set of Avatar 2, 3 and 4: “I would love to be there with you, and be there with our cast and Tim Miller, our director, but, unfortunately, I have to stay here and work because all they care about is Avatar, and how much time it takes to bring it to completion”. Given that it would take you five hours to explain the set and the technology behind it, has talked about Dark Fate: “I was asked to join the production by David Ellsion of Skydance, and Tim Miller, already in the project. But I did not expect another if you don't realize the best Terminator movie for 2019”. However, had one direction in mind: “If I were to do it, I want Arnold in... What do we do with the T-800? How can we create a new character for him, something that nobody has ever seen before? We got something pretty good.”

“Do you have Tim Miller, fresh from x-men, Wolverine,” said Cameron. “Return to the franchise almost three decades after... [we come] up with new crazy things that you never seen before... One thing on which we have continued to focus,” we Want to bring back Sarah? And there is Sarah, but Linda, so how can we bring Linda in this movie?” Cameron says that he sent an e-mail, relying on the love that she felt for the fans.

He continued congratulating the new cast and director. Miller was “the best director for the film, and Cameron continued: “This is the movie of Tim, will tell you all about it.”

Director Tim Miller is the first to take the stage. It is the twenty-fifth time Miller at Comic-Con. “I have never entered in Hall H except when I direct Deadpool,” said Miller. The director has told how he was approached to direct the film, but he immediately thought of how people, including himself, would have reacted to a sixth Terminator. He wanted to do it only to tell part of the story that was not told, that is the story of Linda.

“Time travel, for me, I loved Endgame... I think that is great ... however, I feel as if the time travel with multiple realities would lose something. If you can change the time and can be changed any thing... I feel like if you lose a bit of mail in game. Then, in the universe of the Terminator, there is only one timeline and if you change something in the past, changes something in the future”. Stresses that the Terminator and Terminator 2 were trying to maintain the timeline and not change it. “At the end of Terminator 2,... the most interesting history, are the consequences of the end of Cyberdine”.

The film is “officially” R-rated (children accompanied), because the material of the film is required.

About Linda, said: “I Think that it is the perfect time for her to return,” pushing Linda Hamilton to take the stage.

Linda Hamilton has stressed the importance of the role and the time that has passed and he confessed that his desire to get back in shape physically in order to be that which we have known made her realize the importance of the past, that would have enriched his character.
Cameron has confirmed that another side of the family will come back in the universe of the Terminator. Edward Furlong is officially back to interpret John Connor once again.

James Cameron just introduced the #Terminator: #DarkFate panel and confirmed the return of John Connor with Edward Furlong in the part!

Live updates:

— Brandon Davis (@BrandonDavisBD) July 18, 2019

Hamilton has finally praised the director for his positive attitude towards the cast and crew, which has always been loved and respected.

Other cast members are finally up on stage, that is, Diego Luna, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, and Diego Boneta.

Reyes admits that she's terrified to be on the stage of Hall H in front of so many people who know so much. “Daniela Ramos, a girl in Mexico City,” he says of his character. “I am a worker, that they do not save, I have my family, my brother, Diego, my father, Taco, is a spoiler? Who cares”. One day she goes to work, and a “new Terminator” is trying to kill her. “They're trying to help me, and then we'll see why.”

At Boneta is asked of her experience. It tells the story of a hot day on the set in a pick-up on a highway without air conditioning. At the end, congratulates the ability of Tim to balance the emotions and at the same time to enter the action in the film.

Also, Davis has praised Miller and the director has returned the compliments, saying that making the film was “wonderful” and “really nice”.

“It is absolutely incorrect to say that it is not necessary that I come back again (in the franchise),” Schwarzenegger said. “Of course I need to go back, I'm addicted to Terminator, Terminator is the film that really launched my career in action movies, I did Conan, and then Jim Cameron came up to me and told me that he wanted me to do the Terminator. From that moment on everything is changed in my life.” Is enthusiastic about the way in which the franchise has shaped his career and the titles that followed: “I feel very indebted to Jim Cameron for having created that character”. It is also tremendously excited for the fact that Linda Hamilton is back and that it was directed by Tim Miller. “I think you'll be really surprised by this film because it is amazing and I was stunned when I saw it three weeks ago for the first time.” Finally, it emerged that the name of his character is Carl.

This was followed by a movie with the new images of the film (which you can see above), then the panel ends with some final words from the cast and the compliments to each other.

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