Temptation Island Vip, Valeria Marini shock: ‘Patrick me, you are killing...’

Published on Sep 26, 2018

Valeria Marini is the glaring statements that humiliate her boyfriend Patrick Baldassarri

Yesterday evening aired the second episode of Temptation Island Vips, the reality tv weblog ‘Charm P. g.t.’ and conducted masterfully by Simona Ventura. A bet that has occupied a lot of a couple in particular. We are talking about the one written by the volcanic Valeria Marini and entrepreneur, Patrick Thought. But let's see specifically what happened on Temptation Island Vip.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the couple Valeria-Patrick is going through a period of crisis within Temptation Island Vip. The crisis that is validated by the statements and severe that the Marine did to his boyfriend.

“This relationship is killing me”,

said the showgirl, and entrepreneur in sardinia. While he is very disappointed and saddened by the behavior that the girlfriend has taken with the tempter in the iberian Ivan Gonzalez. In fact, the same soubrette in the village of Temptation Island Vip has confessed to this:

“The time has come to change. I chased relationship with my dad. I would like that this struck me was to clarify a lot of things, and here I confirm all my doubts. This relationship is killing me”.

The statements of Valeria Marini in " Temptation Island Vip have been a real humiliation for her boyfriend Patrick Baldassarri. The woman also said that if this love gives a sense of insecurity is better out of the way. The Marine wants to live a happy and this thing makes you feel bad. In other words, the showgirl has decided to terminate its relationship with the Jindal. Coming up to the final appointment, or to ask the bonfire of comparison already next week? We'll see...

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