Temptation Island Vip: the surprise ending that is discussed

Published on Oct 10, 2018

In the last episode of Temptation Island Vip is success something unexpected. This is what it is. Temptation Island Vip: the final comparison of the pairs

The last episode of Temptation Island Vip has been dedicated entirely to the last three couples remaining in the program until the end. As had already been anticipated by some online magazines, the two couples Valeria Marini and Patrick Baldassari and G.'aruta -Ursula Bennardo are outputs losers from Temptation Island Vip.

The kiss shot between Valeria Marini and the beautiful single, and the tempter Spanish Ivan has totally destabilized Patrick. The latter, in fact, has decided to leave Valeria Marini and the latter, in turn, has expressed the desire to find love without Patrick. Even Marx and Ursula have met the same fate. The superficial attitude and the “provolone” of him has convinced Ursula to leave the program after six months of relationship.

Andrea Zenga has dealt with his bonfire of the comparison in a way completely different from how we expected. She was joined at Temptation Island Vip to make it clear to his girlfriend Alessandra Sgolastra that had to be less jealous and more secure of herself. Although initially she passed her time crying for your statements strong, Andrea, at a certain point it is completely changed.

In the last ten days has embarked on a flirtation evident with the single Andrea Cerioli. The two are hidden from the cameras and covered their microphones on several occasions. This did not go down to Zenga, who has decided to leave Alessadra.

The tears of the girl and her swear love and fidelity is not only not enough to change his mind at the Ball, but have also triggered strong criticism on the web. What will be happened after Temptation Island Vip?

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