Temptation Island Vip, the message of Nicolò Ferrari after the tears on tv

Published on Oct 03, 2018

The tempter of Temptation Island Vip, Nicolò Ferrari, entrusted to social a message, after the tears shown on tv Nilufar Addati. Temptation Island Vip: the story of Nilufar and Jordan

Nilufar Addati has been tronista of Men and Women and has chosen Jordan Mazzocchi only 5 months ago. To complicate the situation between the two was a mistake of you that during the throne has attended secretly a boy of Naples. This has created a crack in the relationship, hence the decision to participate in Temptation Island Vip to understand if they could go ahead or not.

The two boys have spent 15 days in two separate villages. A part Nilufar watched her boyfriend have fun and say not to be very convinced of the relationship, on the other side Jordan watched his girlfriend talk bad about him and spend as much time near to the tempter Nicolò Ferrari. This was the suitor's rival Jordan for Men and Women.

Jordan, tired of staying at Temptation Island Vip to see his girlfriend again close to Nicholas, he decided to ask for the immediate comparison with Nilufar. In the last episode, in fact, the two have had the opportunity to meet, to argue strongly, but then went out declaring love to each other.

In the village, however, Nicolò Ferrari has not taken very well. The guy left to go to desperate weeping, so much to ask for the intervention of Valeria Marini, to comfort him. In this conversation has emerged on the part of the milanese the pain of the decision of Nilufar, and the confession of his love to her.

After the airing of that time, Nicolò Ferrari has decided to entrust a message to the social:

Thanks for the much affection I have been showing. I really don't know how to thank you.

In the past few days, the tempter had spent however beautiful words for Nilufar, expressing at the same time his bitterness for the development of the situation.

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