Temptation Island VIP: Pay and Serena Enardu you leave, the unexpected gesture of her


Published on Oct 15, 2019


The journey in the feelings between Pago and Serena Enardu is finished... and ended up with an accident. The sixth and last episode of Temptation Island VIP 2019 he stressed that now more than a month, we understood their love story: the singer has sworn love and fidelity to his partner; she, however, was particularly pleasant with the new company men offered by the tempting of his village to the point that they doubt his strong relationship with Pag.

Not surprisingly, in this sixth and final installment of Temptation Island VIP 2019, we have seen the long-awaited bonfire of comparison between the two: a scene that brought to light the poignant feelings of the Pag but also the bitter confusion of the Enardu. Between the two, Alessia Marcuzzi who has tried in his way to draw reflections and conclusions to the two with respect to their adventure in the resort.

But as things have gone in the bonfire of comparison? After welcoming the two protagonists, Alessia Marcuzzi has brought the eyes of both the latest movies. In these clips you will note clearly how Serena Enardu is taken from the tempter Alexander; a crime which, obviously, I Pay no takes of some of the light.

“I want the truth!” – he exclaimed, Pago, visibly hoisted to Serena – “I have to say where you push this feel good with this guy. I do not give to be with you if you like another person! I came here, I cried hoping for you to tell me that you love me... I can make all the giant leaps that you want. If you do not love me, the more I have to say I don't love you anymore. If you're okay without me, go without me, but don't tell me lies. I have had some terrible days...”.

In spite of the clear words of the Pag, Serena're familiar also coming to rehashing the worst times lived as a couple: “I have a fear of crowds go back to what we were before. I do not like, I was not happy. For six years we have lived in a relationship crazy we were together because we had to, we love because you had to but I was completely apathetic!”. The strong declarations of peaceful rise: “He is a person who deserves to be loved as he would. Sometimes I wonder why I can not try what to try? I these feelings, this love of the look still. I arrived at six and a half years because I always hope that you break out in me all these feelings. If I could I would do it for him, do the blame to him because I hope he stimuli...”.

Alessia Marcuzzi stops the girl with a symbolic phrase: “Serena, however, Pay cannot love for two”.

The nth svicolamento of Enardu, I Pay takes to the chest the situation and decides to go alone: it embraces the host, greets you with a “I recommend” the now ex and it goes away. There and then Serena Enardu stresses to be confused emotionally. But not for long...

Confused? Maybe not so much. Archived history with Pago, Serena Enardu not remained with the hands in the hand: he has asked the production to be able to meet again the tempter Alexander as interested in him outside of reality.

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