Temptation Island Vip: Jordan Mazzocchi ‘betrays’ Nilufar Addati (Photos)

Published on Sep 24, 2018

The former suitor Jordan Mazzocchi has succumbed to the fascination of the Bonas of Next another

Tuesday 25 of September in the early evening on Channel 5 airs the second episode of ‘Temptation Island Vips, the reality of the temptations, hosted by Simona Ventura. The broadcast being recorded, on the web circulating a few spoilers regarding a couple in particular. We are talking about the former tronista of Men and Women Niufar Addati and boyfriend Jordan Mazzocchi. But let's see what happened on Temptation Island Vip.

The first week of ‘Temptation Island Vip’ has been quite eventful. The males, or by Stefano Bettarini and G.'aruta, and have courted the source of temptation. While their girlfriends watched. All except the volcanic Valeria Marini, who has done all the time in the gattamorta with the beautiful Spanish Ivan Gonzalez.

But what will happen in the next round of ‘Temptation Island Vip’? The first advances were spread by the well-known web portal ‘Davidemaggio.it‘. Let's see what happened in the sardinian village.

Surely the viewers of ‘Temptation Island Vip’ will attend the bonfire of the comparison between Bettarini and the Larini. But a former suitor Mazzocchi wanted an immediate comparison with the Addati. But what is success? Apparently Jordan has succumbed to the beauty and seduction of Laura Cremaschi, the Bonas of the game show ‘Next to another’.

The two have danced together, drank drinks, and even have touched the lips. Of course, this attitude has infuriated the former tronista, who will put his engagement with Mazzocchi. We remind our readers that last week the question of Simona Ventura if he loves Nilufar, the guy responded with a ‘Ni’.

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