Temptation Island Vip: heavy criticism for Sossio'aruta

Published on Oct 11, 2018

Heavy criticism for Sossio

Since it began Temptation Island Vip, Sossio'aruta has never hidden his interest for the single Sara Melucci. During the fire of confrontation has not only apologized to his girlfriend Ursula Bennardo, but he also had the courage to criticize it and offend her. For these reasons, the woman did not hesitate to go away by itself.

The man hoped to be able to deepen the knowledge of the temptress, which revealed his total lack of interest. On the web all the have pointed the finger at, since that has crossed the limits, regardless of the reaction of his better half.

If it's between Alessandra Sgolastra and Andrea Zenga can you speculate about a possible reunification, unlike in the case of the two former protagonists of the Throne Over Men and women. The two argued to the point of requiring the continual intervention of Simona Ventura. Ursula began to cry, claiming that it was humiliating to see the video of him flirting with another knowing that the other side of the village there she was.

His offenses were not a consequence of his displeasure. The tears have softened Sossio, which has not shown a minimum of repentance. The reason for including the beautiful puglia has revealed to go away by itself.

Marx would have had to show her he's changed, but failed to resist the temptations. According to the social network has literally exaggerated by touching the breast of the single.

As if that were not enough, she has written a romantic letter to express his feelings. Many hope that she might forget it forever because it deserves better. In the last period is closer to the tempter Giorgio Alfieri, thanks to which he regained the smile. They deepen their knowledge?

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