Temptation Island Vip, comes the confirmation: a couple has broken out, here's what

Published on Sep 22, 2018

According to what reported by ‘Dagospia’, Valeria and Patrick are left

It's only been a few days since the airing of the first episode and already viewers are asking is which pairs are the outputs together by ‘Temptation Island Vip’. Without a shadow of a doubt, in the eye of the cyclone there are two competitors in particular, Valeria Marini and Patrick Baldassari.

Valeriona national, however, within ‘Temptation Island Vip’ has approached a lot of the beautiful tempter Spanish Ivan Gonzalez. For this reason, as shown on ‘Dagospia’, Valeria and her boyfriend are left.

“It seems that the Marine has said goodbye to her boyfriend Patrick but that is between you and the drum of Madrid has put the make-up artist of a famous broadcast“.

So nothing to do with Ivan, the tempter of ‘Temptation Island Vip’? Without a shadow of a doubt, the approach of the latter has not gone unnoticed by anyone, let alone Rick. In the course of the first appointment, Patrick has seen a series of videos where Valeria and Ivan were stuck in the bathroom together, and it would appear that you have exchanged a kiss. This, however, cannot be proven since in that place there is not the watchful eye of the cameras. This would have triggered a sense of disgust on the part of her boyfriend. What will happen in the next episode of ‘Temptation Island Vip’?

But the reason for which Valeria Marini and Patrick Baldassarri ‘Temptation Island Vip’? As stated by the sardinian showgirl, between her and her boyfriend in recent times there have been a number of pulls and spring. For this reasons, both have decided to put in discussion their feelings in the most popular and followed reality of the temptation of the Italian television.

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