Temptation Island Vip, Andrea Zenga wants to get back with Alessandra Sgolastra

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Andrea Zenga has recently expressed the will to return with Alessandra Sgolastra. There have been comments over the tempter Andrea Cerioli. Tempation Island Vip, Andrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra you are left

Andrea Zenga had decided to participate in Temptation Island Vip with his girlfriend, Alessandra Sgolastra, with whom she had a history of almost three years to be able to make it out to be less jealous and more secure of herself.

In the path, however, spurred on by tv presenter Simona Ventura, there were other problems of the couple. Not only. Alessandra is closer to the tempter Andrea Cerioli for which it was evident an interest. Andrea and Alessandra have inevitably left the program divided.

Even after a month from the recording of " Temptation Island Vip, Andrea Zenga has not mentioned any opening in relation to his ex-girlfriend. In the special episode of the Men and Women dedicated to the couple, Alessandra Sgolastra has admitted to wanting to get back with him even if he also felt Andrea Cerioli. The criticism and confusion of the girl have not allowed Andrea to go back on his decision. Today, however, something has changed.

In an interview with the weekly Spy, Andrea Zenga is back to talk about the television experience and disappointment as it ended its love story, which for him was very important, the most important of his life. He admitted his mistakes:

Maybe it would have deserved some gesture from my part. Another error was to not realize some of the problems we got as strong as I thought.

Now that between Alessandra Cerioli, it's all over, Zenga said:

I am not interested in him, if it was real or fake it does not concern me.

And finally:

I was wounded, I realized the intensity of my feelings. I am ready to give her a second chance.

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