Temptation Island Vip 2019: Silvia and Gabriel with the new couple, he is a “son of”


Published on Sep 17, 2019


We were left with an unexpected shot of scene in Temptation Island Vip 2019. In the course of only the first episode, in fact, one of the competitor broke the rules resulting in the disqualification of the transmission (for him and his girlfriend). We've talked about it in depth in this article.

And so what do you do with a couple less? The production of the programme did not think twice: she was immediately replaced with a new pair composed of Silvia Tirado and Gabriel Foo.

Gabriel Foo and Silvia Tirado are officially a new couple of boyfriends who participate in Temptation Island Vip. Landed on the golden beaches of the resort sardo, Alessia Marcuzzi has welcomed them in the second installment, breaking the usual liturgy. But who are the two new boyfriends, “separate” for the sake of a reality show?

Gabriel Foo has a “son”: his father is the well-known actor and comedian Pippo Franco. He, however, in life not in pursuit of the craft of his father but is far from it; it is an entrepreneur and a music producer. His partner Silvia, instead, is a university student, only 26 years old.

The two are portrayed as a couple who has known for a long time. At the beginning the two are known for the case, and for a long time, you are considered to be only great friends; only a year ago, however, between the two seems to have taken a spark that turned their friendship into a real engagement.

Despite being engaged for only a year, Gabriel Foo and Silvia Tirado participate in Temptation Island Vip 2019 to try to find new points on which to build and make even the most usual of their love story. An experience that the two have decided to do in anticipation of an important choice for the life of both: they are going to start a life together, but the first to be put under the same roof, the two young lovers want the certainty of having at their side the right person.

To succeed in this company? Or the tempting of both villages will be losing their history?

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