Temptation Island Vip 2019: Er Faina daughter, Sharon, to the bonfire of comparison, but


Published on Sep 17, 2019


After the protests online rained a few hours before the airing of the first episode, Temptation Island Vip 2019 has randomly decided to cut it short on the history between the webstar Er Weasel and his girlfriend Sharon. He always very critical in the transmission; she is left to convince the boyfriend to take part in this experiment of love.

After a first episode that was passed to the dispose of the first paturnie, new movies viewed from the Er Faina did jump on all the furies: the result? At the beginning of the second episode, asked Alessia Marcuzzi the bonfire of immediate comparison with Sharon to clear the air on certain attitudes held by the girl.

Alessia Marcuzzi is the mobility now to bring the two got engaged in front of the bonfire. He looks to the trunk but you don't get: “I sleep,” he had explained to the anchorwoman arrived in the village of the girls to explain the whole thing. Er Weasel blames the presenter: “Sharon I broke the boxes for months. He said that I should not dance with anyone, that I had to avoid certain things. I just need this answer, I'll go alone. He thinks he is in Ibiza alone...”. The threat of leaving the program alone, the production recalls Sharon, and the two finally meet...

The meeting did not part very well. She says quiet and stresses of not having done anything wrong. He, however, swelling of hatred is looking for any foothold to disprove his loyalty of soul. The two begin to watch the movies but there is very little compromising: “you're ridiculous. The you that you brought me here! I don't want to come!” exclaims Sharon on Er Faina. Later, the girl even accuse the webstar tangible inconsistency: “Why criticavi those who took part in Temptation Island? This path has done me good. He made me see things that I didn't know. I feel at place with the conscious... To me, the conversation can finish here.“

Breaks out a back and forth of accusations and excuses until that faina Er Faina escapes from a sentence of the unhappy: “You were the zinne out!” commenting on a video. Assertion that does not go for nothing to genius in Sharon who, as black as pitch, all spring. Er Faina understood.

Towards the end of the transmission, however, we find that Er Faina is not surrendered to the farewell that Sharon has turned into one of the launches, in fact, Alessia Marcuzzi announces that Er Faina and Sharon would be reviewed shortly in a second bonfire of comparison extraordinary.

A bonfire where Er Faina arrives with a flower in hand and tail between the legs: “I was wrong to come here,” – admits the youtuber – “Because I have had the presumption to be good at everything. I thought I would come here for a walk and it was not so. Up there I was fine, I mancavi you [...] These days, I thought about how wonderful it was to come to your house, hug your grandmother, and all that we have. These days I wrote two hundred letters, I never wrote so much even in the elementary schools. Forgive me. If you return with me I swear I don't ask for anything more, I love You let's go home.”

She, after having reiterated she felt offended, and stresses as she has felt the lack of her boyfriend. A spark that shows the love between the two. Er Weasel and fiancee Sharon leave Temptation Island Vip 2019 together.

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