Temptation Island: Martina Sebastiani returns to talk to Andrea From the Course

Published on Oct 23, 2018

Martina Sebastiani returns to speak of the tempter and suitor Andrea From the Course, known to the Temptation Island, with whom he had a fling in the summer. Martina and Andrea at Temptation Island

Martina Sebastiani has participated in the last edition of Temptation Island, the version conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, with boyfriend Dan. The girl, however, in the village of girlfriends has succumbed to the courtship of the beautiful Andrea From the Course with which it is exchanged, even a kiss.

At the end of the program, and then, Martina has left Gianpaolo, and has started a relationship with Andrea. The history between the two is not survived at the end of the summer. Martina and Andrea have decided to stop their relationship and take different routes. Now Andrea is a suitor of Men and Women, interested in getting to know the tronista Mara Fasone.

On Instagram, however, the girl is still the target of questions from those who have followed the programme and their history. Martina has decided, therefore, to respond to a couple of curiosity about their Andrea. The first question was about some of the photos on her personal profile, one of these the was of while kissing Andrea. A girl asked her: “why not remove?”. The response was this:

Why should I? Andrea has been a part of my life, a period of change and strong emotions for me. I don't regret ever what do I.

As reported by Gossip, and Tv, Martina Sebastiani continues to defend Andrea From the Course whenever he has the opportunity, in spite of between the two is over. For example, in a speech before the Radio said not to see Andrea involved in the tronista, but for sure it is not going to Men and Women for visibility, because, if he sought popularity he would have accepted the proposal of the editorial staff of climb on the throne.

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