Temptation Island 2017 we give the votes to the couples: Francis and Wild protagonists


Published on Jun 27, 2017


Do you remember that wonderful feeling that comes when a laugh comes right from the heart, when you laugh and smile and you cannot stop? We thank one of the unforgettable moments of the first episode of Temptation Island 2017, and perhaps one of the best ever. It is not only the face of Francis, his neck covered with Garlands that someone has compared to another beautiful image of the Lion King. It was the reaction of the Wild: among the most awaited moments of the evening, you know the one where the two argue ( what's new), and you like to insult him he renames “ghirlandone”? Trash absolute, absolute beauty, the poetry. Well, at this point the chief poets are turning over in the grave, but you know, when you talk about tv you can't talk about poetry in the real sense of the term! Said this back to us. Thank you with infinite love, Wild and francisco for all of this, we try to talk about all the couples who have decided to participate in Temptation Island by 2017. And we do that by giving the votes, ironically, is also why the maturity have surpassed all!


Let's start from the top pair of this edition, the one from ten and praise. Let's talk about the couple, Francis and Wild. We had a certain reserve on her first bet, considering the fact that the beautiful Wild was not new to the small world defilippiano. Then we changed idea. Wild and Francesco have argued from the first moment, we thought that you hated but in reality the feeling is that the two have quarreled because they knew that they would be separated and that would not have been able to do without one another. It is also true that the relationship between the two needs a regulated, Wild should simmer down and Francis should understand the limit that separates the insults from the phrases you can say to a woman. The two love each other but sometimes love is not enough this is clear. She whispered, seeing nothing, he cries as if he knew that Francis was dead, only because he might be attracted to a blonde who is his opposite. He wants to hear his woman say beautiful things, she makes it, but clearly the authors do not show you ever the moment in which the Wild says to Veronica: “He is my life, is my everything”. The two guys you really want to well, give you moments of healthy coattismo and we hope that this experience will be useful, not only to us that “we write about their tears” but also to the couple.

From the top we move to the flop, and certainly not to the fault of both the engaged indeed. Let's talk about Reuben, and Frances. Him from the first moment in front of the cameras, has said again and again in love madly for her, that she is beautiful, who does not know how to imagine without her. Francesca has instead placed one behind the other, a sentence much worse than the other. He described his relationship with Ruben, with these words: “we put together for the game then I found inside. In the days I wonder why I'm with Reuben. Others say poor him...I feel disgust to stand next to him. Is not fascinating to me, is not the crazy love that I deserve. Once while I made love with him, I cried. I 20 years, I deserve more, I have to figure out what I really want. Reuben has no character, it feels lower because it has nothing. Not a company, not a degree. I do not want a man at my side.” The question arises: why not let them? There was a need for Temptation Island to understand all of this? The poor Ruben cashes and is the new fawn to be taken, after Gianmarco Value, but here we are well over the limit that can be exceeded...For him, vote 7, of the encouragement, you as a girlfriend absolutely rejected.

( we have selected for you some of the images that made the rounds of the network during the airing of the program)

The other pair on the flop, and this time, thanks to the boyfriend, is the one formed by the beautiful Valeria Bigella and her boyfriend Alessio. Now, it is clear that we do not know Valeria, we don't know what kind of woman this is, but surely, even if it was the heavier person of this world, does not deserve the attitude with her boyfriend the has reserved. Phrases such as “I miss most the cat of my girlfriend”, “it's all the same, even in bed” are not phrases you say after 3 days you don't see your woman, your partner, the person you live with for 5 years and with which to manage a business. The immaturity of this man is without limits, and we hope that you really Valeria is aware of who he faced. The truth is that the beautiful Bigella is what many other men would like to, its his partner we cherish some doubt. She absolutely 8 he absolutely rejected.

A few words to Richard and Camilla, who are clearly faking. Camilla and Sue are friends in real life, to tuscany could not care less of the former tronista. Camilla knows it well. Both gelosissimi, they are making something nobody believes. A sin. Probably will come out next week, without a vote.

We reserve the right to give a vote on the couple formed by Antonio and Veronica. For the moment, he did know a little, he looks like a guy in a very serious and also taken, clearly, from his past. He has two children, can't forget them. She, however, spoke of serious things to the first that he met, but the rest of the program. For them, at the moment there is still an assessment.

We close with Sara and Nicola. Both are definitely very much in love but he may be attracted to the damsel doing the two merged ( which by the way is well acquainted with the subject “player” and knows how to play his best weapons). Sara is no longer the little girl “that has grown” Nicholas, even if he for the moment has not yet understood. A pair that bodes well, for the time being, there have been lack of respect. Both close with a six on the trust.




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