Temptation Island 2017 tonight the last episode: goodbye and provisional reconciliations


Published on Jul 31, 2017


Everything is ready for the last episode of Temptation Island 2017 aired today, July 31, 2017. Closes a new season of Channel 5 dedicated to the great success. Listen to record for Temptation Island 2017, and great interest from the audience who will be glued this evening in front of the tv to find out how they're going to finish the stories of the three couples still in the game. After the comparison and the bonfire last week that saw the protagonists, Nicola and Sara, tonight we will see how things have been for the other three pairs are the protagonists. A lot of the highlights on what happened after, also because of the social that have, as always, something to reveal. One example is the couple formed by Ruben and Francesca. The two were released as a single from the program but, apparently, in the episode of Temptation Island airing this evening, we'll see, as it has also happened to the couple formed by Sara and Nicola, a video of what happened next between the two. The past more than a month, in fact, it would seem that Ruben has forgiven her Francesca, and that both returned together to her. Francesca has posted in these days of video on the social and one of them is heard to say to his grandson, who would have been his “uncle Reuben”. In addition, many girls are fans of the program on social have told to have also listened to Reuben speak to Francesca. The guy would give her a second chance, so we will see tonight, how to explain this decision.

And for the other three pairs remaining in the game that will be the protagonists of the last episode of Temptation Island, what should we expect?


What will happen between Francis and Wild? Apparently in the last episode of Temptation Island 2017 aired this evening, the only couple that would leave the merged program is the one formed by the two romans that, despite the differences, the divergences, and the various problems may, however, decide to go out together, saw that you love to do and also a lot. And it would seem that to continue this great love, Francis has also decided to make a proposal important to the Wild in Sardinia before leaving Tempation, ask her to become his wife? We will only know this evening following the last episode of Temptation Island 2017.

What's going to happen between alex and Valeria? Apparently, according to the latest news coming from the magazine's Spy, it seems that the two are left in a definitive way. Even if Alessio swore that nothing happened between him and Carmen, his beautiful girlfriend he understood to the other from life and he is not yet ready to give her what she wants from this relationship. It seems that Valeria has spent her birthday alone while Alessio, who is not new to travel with friends, is located in Ibiza alone...

What's going to happen between Veronica and Antonio? In this case it seems to be almost certain the end of the story. Of the rest, after all that Veronica has seen it was also easy to imagine that at the end the pretty blonde would have left his companion. The question is, however, in this case, also another thing: Antonio could have asked Jessica to get to know each other after the end of Temptation?

We can only wait for the 21,20 to discover everything that happened in Temptation Island in this unmissable last appointment.




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