Temptation Island 2017, Francesca and Ruben together again?

Published on Jul 21, 2017

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After the fourth episode of Temptation Island 2017 all are convinced that between Francesca Baroni and Reuben Invernizzi ended definitively, but I will be really so? In spite of the will, the steadfast boyfriend to give a cut to history after being humiliated publicly by his girlfriend, the latest advances of gossip, instead, seem to tell a story and a different ending from what we expect.

The latest clues come from a Instagram Story of Francesca with her fans. Once again the girl bergamo has reaffirmed not to reveal anything, because it is bound by contract to silence, and then can not reveal how it went at the end of the program, but he invited all to watch it until the end, because as he anticipated, she and Reuben returned to the scene in the sixth episode of Temptation Island 2017, which should be also the final one when most likely there will be wedding long-awaited between Francis and Wild.

But during the direct Francesca a couple of times you would be betrayed, always talking about her ex-boyfriend at the present and not the past, as it should be for the two that are left. He also anticipated that in September, many things will change in their lives. Then he tried to fix it, saying that he wanted to refer to his life, but now the omelette was made. There are those who swear to having seen them recently embraced as a proper couple on the streets of Bergamo, and then the news could be the coexistence. We must expect, then, that Ruben has changed his mind?

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