Temptation Island 2017, Francesca and Reuben to defend

Published on Aug 03, 2017

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After the final episode of Temptation Island 2017 do not subside the controversy about some of the engaged couples that attended. In particular, in the crosshairs of the haters are over Francesca Baroni and Reuben Invernizzi, because many of them had cheered when the guy had broken the bond with his woman and did not understand why he wanted to change that idea. Some have expressed their concerns civilly, others have gone overboard with the words but he has no intention of changing the idea.

On Instagram, in fact Ruben in the last hours he called upon all to respect his choice and in the same way, do not continue to insult Francesca. Many of the controversies of the last few days, according to the guy bergamasco are based on false news, reconstructions made only based on what was broadcast during the episodes of Temptation Island 2017, without, however, directly know the person. “A chance is always given, he concluded, Invernizzi – especially to a person who has always been by your side and has always brought respect.”

In the last hours, however, Francesca also revealed its truth. Interviewed by Fanpage.it, the girlfriend has confessed that at the output of the docu reality show of Channel 5 was not easy to face the family of her boyfriend, but the parents of Reuben were exceptional. In particular, the father, who sees her as a daughter, he immediately embraced, and he knew that he had made to drag it from the context. To his house, instead, they were all in shock, too, because she admits to having made a bad picture in tv and was not easy to overcome this period. But at the end we came out and she is more in love than before.

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