Temp Sitter: a thermometer that is smart for kids ... and not only!


Published on Feb 25, 2017


Temp / thermometer smart connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows us to continuously monitor the body temperature. Suitable for children but is fully usable by adults. Let's find out the best in our full review.

This thermometer smart is realized by Gima, one of the most famous companies in the sector of electro-medical, and is specially designed for children, even if it appears to be still suitable for adults. The thermometer performs, in essence, the measurement of the temperature continuously, by informing us if the body temperature detected exceeds the set limit within the app. This means that we will be able to take advantage of the device to measure the temperature a time or in a continuous way (in any case it takes at least 5 minutes to obtain a measurement of the fully-trusted); the situation is more suitable for parents who want to keep an eye on the temperature of the smaller. The temperature curve can be recorded and stored in a graph to show to doctors in case of need.

Let's talk about the thermometer. It's basically a small compact and lightweight device (51mm x 31mm x 8.5 mm x 9.6 grams) that should be positioned under the armpit, and secured with one of the stickers supplied in the package (there are ten). Clearly once you have finished the stickers you can attach it with adhesive to buy separately, but also with a band-aid big enough.

The product is water resistant and is certified as a medical device and then the measurements are precise and reliable. The greatest flaw, however, is the battery, as after the 3000 hours of autonomy declared it will not be possible to replace it, and then you have to buy a new product.

The operation of the thermometer is simple and intuitive: just download the application Temp Sitter from the App Store or the Play Store (supported iOS and Android), create an account or use the login guest and then proceed with the measurements. The measuring range goes from 25°C to 45°C), and the app supports both the Celsius is degrees Fahrenheit. If we execute the login inside the app, we can also create profiles to separate the measurements.

In short, a product that is rather interesting, comprehensive, and easy to use for both children and adults. Too bad for the limitations due to the battery. The app should be updated to support the latest versions of iOS and Android, but overall does what it should. Comfortable notifications and reminders that alert us to the needs.

Definitely a good idea for parents who want to keep an eye on the health of children, especially during sleep, but also of the children who do not tolerate the idea of measuring the temperature, which move and which make the measurement, a real odyssey! Shame that it's not possible to use the product at greater distances of 10-15 meters (the maximum coverage Bluetooth).

Clearly, each thermometer has a variable that approximates the temperature so it is normal that the results of the various thermometers tested does not match 100% with this thermometer smart. In each case, the accuracy is excellent and the product is precise and reliable, thanks also to the certification enjoys.

The thermometer Temp Sitting is available at a price of 49€ for the moment at the APR (Apple Premium Reseller), Mediaworld, some otc Auchan and but soon you will find more and more chains.

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